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    Hi all! I was digging through my mom's basement and found my old He-Man figure and it got me to look around online and found this place. I hope to meet a lot of other cool collectors here and maybe even buy a figure or two!

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    Welcome aboard OnlySkeletor, I'm just wondering if you were aware of the newish MOTUC line (that has started in 2008 through 2015, and somehow in production), and the 200X line that was discontinued over a decade ago?
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      I am now! Those Classics figures look great. How sturdy are they? Do they use rubber in the legs like the old ones?


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        They all are on balljoints with a multipoint of articulations. Most of the figures are very sturdy, but a number of them suffer in the ankle joints especially in the first years of production, some suffer from weak joints in different limbs and knees, and a very few of them from the bubblehead syndrome.

        If you're looking for perfection, especially in the quality control area, this line doesn't have it, however it has a lot of great designs, and probably the biggest selection of figures I can think of other than Star Wars, WWE, DC or Marvel.

        If you wanna collect the whole line, be prepaid to spend some serious money, especially if MINT is your preference... That said, there are a lot of second market deals here and there, especially if you're looking for loose units.
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          Welcome to the boards, have fun and enjoy your time here! ????


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