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    Hello, everyone. I came across this site just today. I initially didn't grow up seeing the original He-Man Masters of the Universe show considering it was a bit before my time, but Recall playing with the toys as a little kid at my friends house,unaware they were from a show.this was in the mid-late 90s, I remember them having the rubber band at the joints and bulky bodies, and me and my friends would toss them around and play with them, several years later they aired the 200x show, I remember thinking "hey they made a show about those toys my my friends zak and max use to have!" I would watch the show on cartoon network not knowing that it had an original show Decades earlier. Skeletor was always the most interesting character and my favorite, even when i hadn't seen the show and would play with the toys as a kid i thought he was scary and mysterious. I recently got into collecting the Masters of the Universe Classics line and really like it and hope to expand that collection! and meet knew people


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    Welcome to the forum! :hemanrocks:
    "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


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      What a cool little story, and welcome around.

      I also when I was a kid back in the 80's, I had some of the vintage toys but had no idea the cartoon actually existed, not until the late 90's or the early 2000's when I discovered the bOrg on line!... I thought the toy line was totally based on the minicomic books that came in with the figures/toys!...

      And to be honest with you, I'm much happier now that I based most of my imagination, drawings and playing on the canon of the comics books!... Everything I did was a lot darker and grittier than what the Filmation had portrayed in their silly series, even though I still like the art of that show!


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        Captain Atkin thanks

        Mechanizor Yea lol the toys where very interesting and had a shroud of mystery to them with the bulkiness, the muscles and axes and weapons, always left open for imagination. I always thought the skeletor toy looked most mysterious and scary how he was hooded kinda like the grim reaper, I kinda regret not buying the toys off of my friends or asking for them back then


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          Welcome aboard! Have fun and enjoy your time here!​​​​​​​


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