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Euro fan getting back into motu

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  • Euro fan getting back into motu


    I grew up on motu in the 80's and sadly saw my entire collection detroyed in the early 90's
    I have tried to keep up with motu media (mostly shows, comics and toy reviews from people like P. Dan) but never got back into collecting.

    Though i never got back into collecting (busy life, family stuf, health, the usual distrations) i always wanted a He-man and skeletor on my desk and when i heard super 7 was taking over i was hoping to pick up the classics version, sadly due to the real life time constraints, lack of exposure over here and what i can assume must have been a low production run(s), i missed it.

    Hoping ebay would help, i started ooking for them there.
    I quickly gave up when i saw them for 350 bucks, add in shipping and i would loose 450-500 dollars on a figure......
    When mondo finaly started shipping i opted for that, i finaly got my desk decoration XD, bigger, more detailed, more accesories and half the price.
    it cost a prety peny but i couldn't care less, i couldn't be hapier.

    Then the 2018 SDCC revieuws came round and i saw saw He-man&prince Adam 2 pack .......
    Holy powersword batman!!!
    that thing looked awesome and only 40 bucks?
    Sadly, the cheapest on ebay was about a 180, prior to shipping and import taxes.
    The grand total for that set would have been in the 280-320 dollar range

    This time i was lucky, a budy of mine that i used to play a particular mmo with bought a bunch of them and send me one for a decent price.

    Sadly, he is no longer among us. (Jade, you'll be missed!)

    the motu origins figures are gone cost 14.95 in retail..... Omg this might be worth it to get the entire line......
    With the motu origins anounced, i contacted several people within Mattel Europe, they managed to tell me they expect zero interest in the line on the European market and thus refuse to import it for the Euro market, even in small numbers for colletors.

    The same goes for mega construx motu line, they will start selling small sets in late 2020 -early 2021 but told me it would be dropped quickly if it it doesn't get picked up fast.
    By that time the shera-heman netflix series hype might have passed.
    Buying castle greyskull from this line might set me back 400 or more dollars.

    In other words, collecting these lines are going to be a hassle.

    I'm here to find out if there are more euro collectors are going to get these lines and how they are planning to deal with ebay scammers/scalpers and transport costs.

    One of the local fans here contacted a chinese knock off lego lego manufactors, they claim they can clone the castle for 40-45 bucks (incl shipping) but it will will lack the figures and instrucions (download the pdf) and will come in an ugly brown box.

    I'm not a big fan of chinese KO's (though wel received in the transformers community) but these prices make it realy hard for a motu fan, hence me asking for help here

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    Welcome to the forum!! :dorko:
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        Welcome to the forums, enjoy your time aboard and have fun joining conversations as well as discussing versatile topics!


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