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  • Um, hi?

    Howdy folks. New to the site and, while an old school fan of the Filmation cartoons of He-Man and She-Ra, my knowledge of the vintage toys, lore and other series is full of holes. Hopefully the experience here will be educational and no one will pick on the new kid too much. Big question for advice - I have yet to buy any MOTUC figures (I know, I know, I'm in deep deep trouble, esp. with Teela and Shadow Weaver) and given my lack of background, what would be the best approach if I wanted to get in now? Get the POP sub and start from there in July? Invest in the Filmation cartoons and rekindle interest from there? Comics? Books? Whatever you got,I'm willing to listen and learn. Hope to have a good place to hang my hat around here.

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    Hi Perim! Welcome to the forums. As far as buying old figures go, we do have a marketplace section on this site that you can check out for loose and MOC figures: There is also sites like Ebay and Amazon that you can search for deals on MOTUC figures. For newer figures and a few of the older ones like MOTUC He-Man and She-Ra, you can buy them direct from
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      Thanks, Captain. Want to get caught up, of course, but I hesitate to go broke doing so. Hopefully something comes up with Teela and Shadow Weaver, among others. Any suggestions on if the investment should start with lit, DVD or the toys? Always open for suggestions.


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        I think it all depends on what you enjoy. I prefer the MOTUC action figures over everything else, so I only collect those. The 80s Filmation cartoons are always fun to catch up on, as is the 2002 cartoon (which I feel fits very well with MOTUC).

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      Welcome around, and hope you enjoy the new madness.


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        Welcome to the forums perim!!!


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