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Grayskull Standard flags - brandnew set of 5 flags for sale!

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  • Grayskull Standard flags - brandnew set of 5 flags for sale!

    I´m finally ready with completing the second batch of Standard flags.

    This batch includes:
    1) Horde Invasion ("Abduction of the twins")
    2) Great Rebellion
    3) Tri-Solar System / Galactic Protectors
    4) Skeletor (paying tribute to Danbrenus´ design in the Grayskull Con 2013 exclusive minicomic "Under Grayskull´s Flag!")
    5) Temple of Power on Trolla (designed with the help of Axel Giménez)

    I am going to print these on fabric, same as the original first set of flags. But I need 10 pre-orders for a full set at 10 Euros each set.
    Once 10 pre-orders are in, I will have the flags printed and prepared for shipping.

    Once again:
    10 Euros paid will get you a full set of 5 individual flags.
    This also includes shipping inside of Germany. International orders please add 2 Euros.

    I hope you like these! And if you are still in need for the actual Standard, please get them via my shapeways shop at:

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    Update regarding the Grayskull Standard flags:

    Preorders closed!
    The maximum preorders for this run have just been fulfilled.

    If you´re late to the game and still want this set of flags, just PM me. I´ll take preorders for a second run, but I need a total of 50 preorders to get a second run of these flags printed. This might take a while, so please be prepared to wait a bit. If the additional preorders should not hit 50 after quite some time, I will see if I can adjust the minimum of prints with the vendor.
    Please also note that I am barely making any money with these flags. So if the production costs rise (due to a lower production number), I won´t be able to come up for these by the 10 Euros I ask for each set. So a lower second run will be slightly more expensive.

    Meanwhile, have a teaser for the third set of brandnew flags that I am working on right now.
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