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  • Marketplace Rules

    Marketplace Rules

    Marketplace Content

    - HE-MAN WORLD is in no way responsible for any transactions that take part via our forums. Any trades done are stictly at your own risk.

    - Please be sure to keep all trading and selling discussion in the Marketplace forums or via PM. Any posts that discuss a trade in a forum outside of the Marketplace area are liable for deletion by a moderator.

    - We do not directly intervene in any disputes. We will only ensure that the forum remains a pleasant place to visit for all our members and if we feel an individual is spoiling things for others in any way we will take action.

    - Please do not offer or link to any illegal bootlegged content of any kind at all. This includes VHS Videos, DVD's, VCD's, CD's or cassettes. It also extends to photocopied complete comics/annuals/novels or reproduction pieces of any kind.

    Statues and Customs:

    - HE-MAN WORLD respects the copyright holders and supports development of licensed products. We don't allow any solicitation of unlicensed kits or commissions for statues, toys, or other copyrighted merchandise on the forums. We encourage sculptors and artists to show skill and their pieces off. You may display commissions from your personal collections, but do not discuss where or how you bought them as advertising and trading non-licensed products is not allowed.

    - Fans cannot make mass-recastings of any toy pieces to sell or give away that were, or are currently being produced, by Mattel or Classic Media for official toy line or licensed products.
    Fans also cannot link to any site or thread that promotes the sale of illegal bootlegs.

    - Sculptors and artists may show pieces they are working on which are a new or original creation, which are created for a licensed company or which are for non-commercial display. Nobody should advertise or solicit unlicensed pieces they are creating. While we do not encourage the purchase of unlicensed product, what members do outside of public discussion has nothing to do with HE-MAN WORLD.

    - If you've commissioned somebody to create a custom toy or statue for you and you wish to show WIP, final products etc. you are welcome to do so here. However please do not discuss the origin of said product.

    Marketplace Guidelines:

    - Buyers: Make sure you ask for as much information as possible about an item. This includes the condition, pictures of item, shipping cost, payment methods accepted and if the seller has any kind of return policy. Also make sure you keep all email or private message correspondance to refer back to if need be.

    - Sellers: We suggest that all items traded through the forums should be sent by a tracked and insured mail service. If your a seller and you do not send an item by insured mail then it will be down to you to refund the buyer should the item not arrive. Insurance isn't that much extra in many cases so there really isn't any reason not to use it. Also make sure you keep all email or private message correspondance to refer back to if need be.

    - In some cases a staff member of HE-MAN WORLD might act as a mediator to help solve any disputes. However, this is totally down to the discretion of HE-MAN WORLD staff and depends on the situation at hand.
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