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looking for skeletor and he-man

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  • looking for skeletor and he-man

    just putting this here on the off chance to see if anyone has any normal he-man and skeletor. i checked ebay and the place is going nuts i've seen both as buy it now £200 each. i know these guys will be expensive but i'm hoping to maybe get a decent price. I'm in northern ireland so shipping can also be problem.

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    Hey deano_ue, this time of year is not exactly the best of times to be looking for these two, especially if you want to pay a decent price.

    That is a little higher than past years but pretty much on par for loose mint complete around the holidays. Note that the figures have been featured in some popular Honda commercials in the US so that makes them a bit of a "hot item" this year.

    The rest of the year in the US at shops, a mint, complete vintage He-Man loose will be around US$40-50, and Skeletor is around the same, maybe a little less. Around Christmas they both shoot up in price (all the versions- vintage, 200x, MOTUC) as non-collector people are giving them as gifts to loved ones, and usually they overpay.

    Wait until January, February, when no one cares again and you can get them for normal prices.
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      That's a very good point ra, I had forgot about the Honda stuff, never thought it would drive up demand. I'm in no rush so I may just wait a bit.


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