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  • MOTUC 2015 figures for sale

    I purchased 2 more 2015 subscriptions than I usually do. I need some funds and some storage room back. Figures are MOC in their mailer box. Below is the list of figures, their prices, and quantity of each available. I will attempt to keep this list as up to date as possible (at least daily).

    Oo-Larr - $40 each (0 available, 2 sold)
    Huntara - $35 each (2 available)
    Snake Armor™ He-Man® & Battle Armor® King Hssss 2-pack - $60 each (2 available)
    Ninja Warrior - $30 each (2 available)
    Lizard Man - $30 each (2 available)

    As far as shipping goes, I like to use FedEx as there is a shipping facility very close to my house. I am willing to use US Postal Service though. Economy rates (delivery in 3-5 business days) in the continental U.S. average about $12 residential for one figure. It would of course be more for a larger box with multiple figures. I would need a delivery address to be more specific in quoting delivery charges. I am willing to ship international but please be patient with me as I am not the greatest at navigating the customs forms and economy delivery can take awhile. I would need an address to determine international delivery rates.

    Thanks so much for you interest.
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    I'm interested in Oo-larr! I live in Canada.
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      Wow, I've been checking rates to Canada. FedEx ground is the least expensive option they have and is almost $40 in shipping. This made me take a look at the US post office prices. USPS Priority Mail Express International is only about $2 cheaper. The USPS offers the First Class International for about $15 but there is no tracking and delivery confirmation is only available if I send it registered mail. From what I've read, it can take 2-3 weeks to get there via USPS First Class registered mail.


      • Captain Atkin
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        I usually just mail things through USPS. I don't need to have it super fast, so don't worry about how long it will take. I'm cool if it takes a few weeks.

      • GREP-A-TOR
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        REGISTERED MAIL is supposed to move somewhere between Priority and First Class. It is a better value and the tracking is superior to everything but global express. Add $13 to the price of First Class and that is Registered.
        First Class between US and Canada is the only international shipping without tracking that the post office can look for and find if it gets lost, which is rare. I personally trust it.

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      Oo-Larr is gone.


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