Title says it all, folks . I have a few extra subs that I am offering for sale, at a cheaper price than what most folks would pay on Matty for Day of Sale or even subscribers! For example, one standard figure shipped to me here in Texas would cost almost $45 after FedEx Ground shipping and taxes . But unlike Matty, I do not overcharge on shipping, offer figures to be shipped loose to save $$ on shipping, and offer combined shipping! Plus, you do not have to pay upfront for items reserved months in advance: you would pay between the 1st-7th for your reserved figure in the month that it is released!

For the record, I **DO** ship internationally as well, and have excellent feedback for reference over at the org under the same username, so with that being said here is what I have for reserve:

Multi-Bot x1 - $55 ($8.95 shipping MOC/$7.50 loose)
Peekablue x3 - $30 each ($7.87 shipping MOC/$4.85 loose)
Mara x3 - $30 each ($7.87 shipping MOC/$4.85 loose)
Prahvus x2 - $33 each ($7.87 shipping MOC/$4.85 loose)
King Chooblah x2 - $33 each ($7.87 shipping MOC/$4.85 loose)

I will also be adding the remaining figures when they are officially announced (Dragstor, Saurod, etc.) Thanks for looking, and have a great day!