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WTB Grayskull standard from Grayskull-con

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  • WTB Grayskull standard from Grayskull-con

    Hi I would like to purchase a Grayskull standard set from this years Grayskullcon in Germany...I was not able to get my hands on one, Shipped to the US.

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    Have you had any luck sending the people working on the Convention a direct e-mail, as they posted here?

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    • melmoth666
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      Thanks for the link? I will let you know what comes of it!

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    But Jukka!
    People never read any announcements!

    In all seriousnes: I think the pre-order time for the second production run is long over. The folks of Grayskull-Con might have some leftovers from the last order, but you´d better hurry up before they´re gone completely.


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      And how would we get a hold of the people in charge of Grayskull-Con? I know he's not the only one wanting that standard.
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        At this link.


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          Or use this:

          For all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than to Google it for themselves.


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            Thanks for all the links. Anyone get a response yet? I haven't.


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              FYI for anyone still wanting one:

              I took DJ Force's advice & emailed to see if there were any leftovers from the second run.
              I got an email for them on the weekend saying there was and I've already sent payment.
              Looking forward to it's arrival. Thanks for the heads up DJ Force!

              Who knows, there still might be a few more...


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                If you need more Standards to display the other 4 flags, here´s your chance! I just made the Standard available via Shapeways.
                Please follow the link to my Shapeways Shop, where you can buy as many Standards as you want.
                DJ Force Weapons Forge Toydesign - offering brand new toy accessories you didn´t even know you were missing!

                But please note the Shapeways set does not contain any flags, just the three pieces of the Standard itself.


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