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A turning point? He-Man and MOTU #13

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  • A turning point? He-Man and MOTU #13

    Well the Previews are out for DC's "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" Issue #13.

    Check them at DC Comics' own facebook-page.

    The issue comes a month late from original solicitations. But it's the return of Pop Mhan, and he was given more time to work on the book. I think it shows. Earlier issues suffered for lateness and artists propably worked under gun to finish stuff off.
    Will this New Story Arc keep its course? We will see.

    For anyone who hasn't read the new comics, I would recommend picking up the King Grayskull-issue. Many were put off by #7 and the art in it. Can't blame them. So even in comparison this new story arc is off to a better start.

    As a 2002-fan, I see lot of changes, then at the same time interesting eastereggs or cameos. Hard to tell about those sometimes, when this new canon is still taking shape and creating its own rules. The changes will hopefully spark discussion among the fans. Good or bad.

    Personally I admit I'm not the biggest fan of the 2012 mini-series. :P
    Ongoing is where things started getting a tad better. The second story-arc was a bloody mess.

    So I'm hopeful for the new Arc.
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    I'm hopeful for this new arc too. Nice to see a couple of horde members in that preview. I've recently caught up on the 2012 and ongoing series and quite enjoyed it. The Hsss issues showed improvement, glad they toned Teela down a bit. I'm a big She-ra fan so I hope this new arc does the character justice. My only issue with these comics is that they're too short. I might wait until this arc is complete before I buy them.


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      Let's hope best for this series and so far on visually of series been bit jumpy.
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        did we get a new creative team or something that book wasnt bad and the characters actually looked like they should


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          I was really impressed with the latest issue, and enjoyed Teela becoming the Goddess in issue 12.


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