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DC Universe VS Masters of the Universe | mini-series

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  • DC Universe VS Masters of the Universe | mini-series

    DC Universe VS Masters of the Universe
    6-issue mini-series. Events occurring between #6th and #7th of the Ongoing Series.

    Sadly it's very late on original schedule but what do you guys think of it so far?

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    I had high hopes for this mini series. The writing and artwork are dreadfully disappointing. I only wish a few choice DC designs will eventually be translated to the Classics toyline, including Despara and Goddess. Also, a Filmation style mini series or one-off could make a very enjoyable comic book with the right talent.
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      I love the writing, and just like the art, there are some cool images, but it's not earth shatteringly great.
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        The art is getting better, but definitely not my favorite neither the story, but it's entertaining me. The writing on the other hand is simply dreadful!


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          Originally posted by Mechanaizor View Post
          The art is getting better, but definitely not my favorite neither the story, but it's entertaining me. The writing on the other hand is simply dreadful!
          you can clearly tell in the writing that Giffen prefers the masters over DC characters.

          What I love about the writing is #1 for those of us following since the 2012 mini finally we learn where bonebrain is... and that Marlena is alive!!!!
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            I love the story. It actually made me go and buy a Constatine figure to storm Castle Grayskull....


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              I'm more interested in learning what turned a certain court magician into the big evil he is now.


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                the series could have been brilliant and i love the idea the dc magic users know of eternia etc as some mystical land. but jesus tap dancing christ that skeletor design and the moronic orko turn( hey todd mcfarlane called he wants his spawn characters back)

                i'm amazed at the amount of praise it gets on the dc masters of the universe page on FB


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                  I'll say this about the crossover event... it FINALLY revealed WHAT happened to Marlena, and WHAT Skeletor has been up to. I'm hoping that this will all come back into the ongoing afterwards, in the next arc Giffen has planned.
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                    If this was classic/vinatge MOTU and Pre52 DC this would have been the best things ever. Given the nature of alternate versions of Earths and and Infinite nature of the Multiverse this would have been a good opportunity to test the waters to see if we like classic Coke more then this "New Coke"...


                    Orko made me want to rip up this comic and post a pic to facebook as a form of "protest". Honestly I didn't because i figured what good would it do?
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                      So issue #4 came out today. Any thoughts?

                      I personally am a little confused on what we saw in regards to The Horde. So are they saying that Orko is now part of the Horde? Is he Horde Prime? His mention completely confuses me in context of what has already occured.

                      Apparently we will get a back story for Orko in the next issue, but I wasn't exactly sure how to read into that turn of events.


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                        i'm betting dark orko is horde prime possessed orko or something. to throw out a name like the horde while having the main story go on in the other book isnt something to dismiss. plus it gives them an out orko wasnt orko and horde prime warped trolla


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                          Ha called it. Deano 1 dc crappy story telling 0 So what do I win


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                            You win to be among the crowd of fans who guessed the same some time ago.


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                              As long as we get t-shirts I'm happy

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                            Overall I really enjoyed this, but it does have its flaws with a weak final act. The final issue felt kinda anti-climactic and certain plot threads weren't wrapped up so well. The D.Orko being corrupted sort of worked and I realise it's being left open for future development, but I felt the issue could have had more focus. Still on the plus side at least they didn't go with Orko being secretly evil all along.

                            I also felt the Marlena issue was just thrown in at the last second. It's a real shame as it sort of felt like the elephant in the room, but was treated with what seems very little importance considering it's explained in a throwaway line near the end as if to go "oh yeah. She can't come with, so she's cursed... or something". I'm not saying I need to be spoon fed exposition, but it hardly deals with the issue since the circumstances around Skeletor's victory prior to the six issue mini that led up to him cursing and banishing the Masters from Grayskull and Eternos is still largely unknown (along with much of what this new New 52 MOTU-verse is supposed to based off).

                            I don't know if DC have the rights or if they could get the rights to do an animation based of this, but with a bit of reworking of some story elements I think this could make a nice addition to DC's direct to DVD animated movies.


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