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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #16

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  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #16

    “Wanted: He-Man and Adora!???

    After reaching the mystical island of Anwat Gar, He-Man and Adora are still on the run from Hordak and his villainous Horde. And He-Man can’t shake the suspicion they’re being hunted – but by whom? Fan favorite villain Tri-Klops returns in the latest chapter of “The Origin of She-Ra!???

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    So the new issue is out! Who has read it already?

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    That cover is really great! I'm not a huge fan of the comics, but I'm interested in checking out this Tri-Klops story.
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      Just downloaded it.
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        I already got it in a digital form, and it wasn't that interesting until the last page!


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          Pirate bay? lol

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          DC app. However I do normally order a couple of hardcopies for my collection from eBay.

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        Got the digital issue from ComiXology in the meantime, cause the actual DC subscription seems to be a lot of hassle with their customer service. And still trying to get something going there.

        This issue seems to go by very fast. And I feel that it may read better in a trade form eventually. But given these 6-issue story arcs, there always seems to be one or two that are a tad filler-y. So we have two issues of this story arc. I am curious how fast the events will pick up in them to get to a conclusion.


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          I like that Tri-Klops looks 200X and he was driving vintage Roton, though they seamed like strange combination. Roton looked rather simple by comparison lacking any details. I welcome the reference nonetheless.

          That the Gar still inhabit Anwat Gar was shocking, feels like that's all they are interesting in doing is the opposite of what use to be instead of doing something TRULY new.

          Why do they mark them selves with the Iron cross? I kinda like it, it's like war paint. Though I need to understand the reasoning. Perhaps it's like the Mark of Cain or something?
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            i hated seeing tri-klops using a gun. why do they make poor decisions like this? the gar must be small in number to live on an island for 1000 yearrs or that island must be enormous.


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