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2016 Masters of the Universe Calendar

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  • 2016 Masters of the Universe Calendar

    I was checking to see if Amazon had any preview pages up for the artbook, and this popped up in the related items section:

    Looks like it's the 'enhanced Filmation' designs that they've been using for promotional stuff, so it's not as much to my tastes as the old 1985 Lays promo calendar , but it's cool to see a new calendar for the first time in 30 years.

    Although the mixture of characters and backgrounds is a little weird. He-Man and She-Ra in Snake Mountain's throne room? The Sorceress in Snake Mountain? Evil-Lyn in front of Castle Grayskull? Then again, this may be a prototype--it's not set for release until August.

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    That looks pretty cool. Only thing I don't like is the MOTUC package art appearing behind a Filmation Skeletor. Looks wrong to my eyes.
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      Yes, I agree background choices are odd for some characters. Poor Trap-Jaw is standing above lava pit.


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        I like it! Will have to get one for my office. Was there anything like this made for 2015?
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          Amazon's updated the images, so some of our previous comments will no longer make sense with what's currently being shown in the first post.


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