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How Would You Rate The New MOTU Comics From DC?

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  • How Would You Rate The New MOTU Comics From DC?

    Many of us have been wanting new Masters Of The Universe comics for years and now we have some. What do you think of them?

    I Haven't Read Any!

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    They suck. Every page is a splash page with a few words of lousy dialog. How is that a comic book? The artwork is modern style, which I don't really care for.


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      To be honest, I am not a big fan. The only comic I really liked was the Evil-Lyn noir comic. In general, I don't feel that the writers know how to write for the female characters, and I don't like the way they are drawn either. It is one thing to show a female character as being attractive, but another to draw them in a sexist and objectifying manner. It is hard for me to imagine that these comics would bring in many female fans (old or new). I also find these comics to be way too violent. The one with Skeletor ordering his guards to "force feed" the Sorceress was particularly disgusting, and the way he killed her was horrific. It amazes me that Mattel would allow the comic to handle their characters in the way that it does. To me, it shows a lack of care and respect for the property, and I don't think that these comics will age well. I give it a "D" for Dismal.
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        TG destroyed Castle Grayskull, killed off Stratos, Man-At-Arms, Zodac and The Sorceress. He made Orko the most powerful wizard in present day who is pretending to be a clown. Evil-Lyn is Skeletor's baby's mama. Not all of his ideas are bad (He made NA way better than it ever been for example), but if he killed off all of those major characters and destroyed Grayskull, he'll do anything.

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      I voted "c".

      Not a fan of the Nu 52. Not a fan of the Masters new look.

      I don't condone violence especially against women but I wish some would bash teela's head in. Her piss poor attitude pisses me off. Yes. I know it's only a comic but her attitude is not necessary. It wasn't necessary in filmation and it's not necessary(at least they're consistant).

      I do like the action though and the simple fact there is a Masters comic out.


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        I give it a "D". The sexism does bother me. All of the women are dressed in costumes that reveal way too much skin, while He-Man is given Thor's costume to wear so as not to show too much skin. All of the female characters are one-note (i.e.: they are all cranky and rude). MOTU and POP are suppose to be for boys and girls of all ages. This just seems like something designed to appeal to teenage boys. Some will no doubt enjoy this take on He-Man but it does nothing for me at all.
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          I still haven't voted yet (I'm trying to decide if I should give it a D or an F).

          While I always wanted there to be new MOTU/POP/NA comics, this is the very reason I was always hesitant about getting a new MOTU movie. As Captain Atkin put it, "it shows a lack of care and respect for the property". I expect that from Hollywood, but I used to feel Mattel & DC Comics treated their franchises better than Hasbro & Marvel. Unfortunately the past couple years of the New 52 & this MOTU comic have shown me otherwise.

          Anyone who knows me from the other site knows that Filmation, for the most part, is my go-to canon for MOTU/POP. Having said that, I don't think any of the other takes on He-Man(1987 movie, NA, 2002) showed such disregard for the character as this current comic does. While I'm sure this comic's take on the franchise is due those in charge at Mattel trying to make the characters something they think a younger audience would want (much like DC did with the New 52), I feel all they've done in the long run is turn off a great deal of the "old school" fans & make the characters so 1-note & unlikable that most new fans dropped the book immediately.

          If the "characterizations", designs, & extreme violence are what we can expect from a new MOTU movie, I hope we never get one. I would have loved to have seen a "live action" Battle Cat, but not at the expense of He-Man, Teela, Orko, and any other character I feel was trashed in this book.


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            I have mixed feelings. There is room for improvement - I think the DC vs MOTU issue 3, the one were all the art is scribbling (like early Todd McFarland with palsy after 3 cups of coffee) it actually gave me a little eye-strain.

            It turned me back on the Dark Justice League on the side.
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            Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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              I gave it a "C" .. The art is too modern it doesn't fit the barbaric nature of the characters, the dialogue is shallow, the script is over stretched..and the worst thing is the new52 style of the characters.. it just doesn't feel much like MOTU.


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                I give it a D. The STAR Comics were better than this. I keep reading because I'm intrigued by the differences of the new canon.

                The comics have SOME good ideas, but the creative team has little respect for the franchise (small wonder--look where they are getting their orders from). Characterizations are off, looks are wildly different, the world is dark and gritty for the sake of being dark and gritty. It's like they gave the book to people who hate the Filmation silliness so much, they made the book anti-Filmation MOTU. Things have been getting better, but that's because Giffen isn't writing the current arc.
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                  I finally voted and gave it an F. While that's extreme, there is not one thing I like in these comics whether we are talking art, stories, or characterizations.

                  While Giffen's work in recent years hasn't been up to snuff IMO, he has done great work in the past. He doesn't get off scot-free, but it sounds like the real person to blame is Scott(Toyguru). As bad as the bios are(great idea to bring all canons together but they are so full of awful concepts IMO I stopped reading them almost 2 years ago), these comics are about as much He-Man as the last Percy Jackson movie was. I honestly would rather have MOTU go away rather than to be ravaged by those with seemingly little affection for the characters. I've seen enough of that from Transformers, JoeyQ's Marvel, & New 52 DC Comics.


                  • MegaGearMax
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                    Sometimes bad successful media winds up giving us really good things. All that is needed is for fans to divorce the bad canon from the great canons. Even if you hate Bayformers, G1 has never had it so good. Artbooks, cofeetable books, novels, comics, Masterpieces, revamped G1 characters, video games, etc. The IDW TF comics written by James Roberts and John Barber put the DC New 52 MOTU comics to shame.

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