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He-Man: The Eternity War #5

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  • He-Man: The Eternity War #5

    the big artwork is nice, but it ends up being a lot less story. as a result, in this issue, not much happens. we get a cliffhanger that is different from what we've already seen for issue #6.

    and i'm really getting annoyed that they release artwork 2 issues in advance from the current one

    we finally got to see some of the evil warriors but there was this bizarro panel that had a bunch of different versions of skeletor, as though each one existed in a different universe but there were two that i've never seen before, an armored one & a nazi looking skeletor.

    He-Man - The Eternity War (2015-) 005-007 by ThePowerSword, on Flickr

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    Without his jawbone he just looks stupid.
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      They couldn't even be bothered to get a pic of the vintage toy Skeletor, and instead used the giant Skeletor prototype pic?
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        I'm a fan of multiverses but this is just sloppy and lazy.

        Onslaught-skeletor up in the right corner looks kinda' cool but what is with the hearts and power meter in the app skelly...sloppy!
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          Where's movie Skeletor?


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            Guessing it was a rights issue.

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