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He-Man: The Eternity War 7, 8, 9

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  • He-Man: The Eternity War 7, 8, 9

    Hadn't seen a thread in this in a long time so what's everyone thinking about how this is progressing. Hordak has won, Primus went boom and everything has went to shit lol.

    I did like the link to Earth again in #9. Shame DC will never capitalise on this connection would be interesting to see the motu in more DC crossovers.

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    #9 had a lot of surprises.

    [Spoiler]Especially Evil Lyn becoming Horokoth[/spoiler]
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      Yeah, I'd like to see a figure of this new revelation.
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        I have to say I wasn't as gripped as I was with past couple of issues before these last two. I think it may have been how I had anticipated the handling of the return of Adam as a character, but they managed to throw a curve ball with the revelation in the last couple of issues. Really interested in seeing how things play out for Prince Adam and the "Wraith".

        Did anyone else think the Wraith seemed a bit Scareglow-esque?


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          Honestly, I'm not really moved by this series although it has its epic moments!


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            I'm finding it an interesting series, worth reading with a lot of interesting concepts, but it isn't top-tier MotU on part with the best of the mini-comics, Filmation or MYP. Still, a lot better than the Convoluted Classics Continuity.


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              I still think the comic is fun, but I have to admit that I've kinda cooled on it a bit. It's still in my standing order at my local comic shop, but I just haven't been hooked or looked forward to it for some months now. I still wish it would spend time with the wider MotU cast. It barely seems to acknowledge the other Masters and seems to float from one storyline to the other quite quickly. I'd like more depth and time taken to explore characters. I think this was typified with Adam and Teela's getting married in the last issue. I want to see their relationship develop, but it just glosses over things like that. The comic has some interesting concepts here and there, but just doesn't bother to explore them properly.


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