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Images of the Minicomic Collection from Dark Horse!

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  • Images of the Minicomic Collection from Dark Horse!

    Feast your eyes!! This thing is MASSIVE!!!

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    Originally posted by Draego-Man View Post
    Feast your eyes!! This thing is MASSIVE!!!

    I know what i want for my birthday / christmas


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      ...that's really nice! I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting it to be at the level it appears to be.
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        Very cool! Can't wait to get this thing in hand. It looks massive
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          I hope the spine won't start collapsing after a little usage!


          • Dark Angel
            Dark Angel commented
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            Yeah, the more I think about it the more I hope that is some heavy-duty, library-type binding (think textbooks and dictionaries). Otherwise it would have been better to split it into two volumes with a slipcase - but what do I know!*

            *worked in a research library for nearly 5 years.

          • Mechanizor
            Mechanizor commented
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            As mush as I love the looks of big thick books, it's always been a pain to read and to look through besides the eventual damage... I might have to purchase a second copy if the expected quality isn't there!

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          Bloody hell what's in it. Is it just the classic motu or is it everything


          • Captain Atkin
            Captain Atkin commented
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            It is everything.

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