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UK MOTU comics (1986-1991) and the MOTU Star Comics (1986-1988) need to be reprinted

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  • UK MOTU comics (1986-1991) and the MOTU Star Comics (1986-1988) need to be reprinted

    Back in 1989, I was a teen & moving away from collecting comics. However, that year I remember going into a local comic store & picking up a couple of issues of the thin, oversized UK MOTU comic. This was an interesting "import", since I was in the US & had never heard of this comic before. I liked the stories & art, though I did notice that some pages were b&w & others were color; I'm suspecting this was due to budgetary reasons. I did like the comic enough that I wanted to collect more issues, but that store never got any more in & I couldn't find them anywhere else.

    Years later, I found some websites that had more info. on these UK comics. These ran from 1986-1991, had solid stories & artwork, and definitely have a fanbase:

    Fan site for the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra comics published in the UK by London Editions from 1986-91.

    Separately, I did collect a handful of the MOTU Marvel Star Comics series when it was out from 1986-1988. This was a comic that focused on the then-new MOTU toys that were being released. This was also a solid comic, but it was bi-monthly so only lasted for 13 issues:

    I know Dark Horse has been producing great books that have reprinted the MOTU mini-comics (that came with the vintage '80's figures) as well as the MOTU newspaper strips, etc. So, hopefully two of their next projects are a complete reprinting of the UK comics & Marvel's Star comics. I think the UK issues could probably be reprinted over 2-3 volumes. And, the Star comics could fit into one volume (since they only ran for 13 issues).

    Here's hoping we see these in the next several years. With interest in MOTU being at an all-time high due to the new Origins figures, the Revelation cartoon, the forthcoming feature film, etc. I would think now would be the perfect time for these reprints to be released.

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