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  • Predictions for MOTUC post 2015

    Assuming that 2015 line is a go, With all the heavy hitters done by then, what direction do they go to continue the line? I'm hoping for more NA and POP and Filmation but how will it be executed?

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    I'm of the mind that the line will be killed off after 2015, because as a fan of the Filmation series first and foremost, I know that Mattel hates Filmation and Lou Scheimer with the fire of a thousand suns for what they perceive as his failures with He-Man, She-Ra, and BraveStarr. Once this mythical goal of releasing all of the "vintage" characters as MOTUC figures is reached, there's no reason to believe that Mattel won't end the line as abruptly as DCUC, particularly if this new live-action movie becomes a reality.
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    • stabby
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      I've never heard of there being any tensions between filmation and mattel....what happened??????????????

    • GarrettCRW
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      One, the She-Ra toys didn't do as well as Mattel hoped, and Two, BraveStarr was a hot mess for all parties involved, largely because Mattel released the toys well before the cartoon was ready. Basically, all the reasons why Lou Scheimer was justified for shouting, "**** Mattel!" are somehow Lou and Filmation's fault in Mattel's mind.

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    Even if MOTUC ends, I do think it is in Mattel's best interest to keep the Filmation toy line going beyond 2015. It would be a good way to give collectors Filmation versions of He-Man, Skeletor, Beastman, and Teela, while still using the MOTUC buck.
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      This is the only silver lining with having Scott in charge. He is a big enough fan to want more motu toys to happen. I predict he will have to do a Filmation / NA heavy 2016


      • melmoth666
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        I don't know that Scott is that big of a fan. It seems that everything he knows comes from his responsibility as brand manager....Thats just my opinion, but I met the guy, and he didn't seem too knowledgable off-the-cuff.

      • Dark Horse
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        Scott is definitely not a fan. He just got his underlings to bring him every one else's work from the Mattel archives, and he skimmed the boards to find out what stuff from there to release.
        No fan would ever treat the community with such arrogance and disdain as him.

      • Swift Wind
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        TG does not like NA. I tried to chat with him at the first Power Con about NA trying to get him into a discussion about NA. He had no interest in talking with me about NA even after I told him it was my collection on display. You'd think he'd want to talk to me but did he no. He was merely concerned about reminding me about Slush Head being in the case(big deal). So TG will never try to use NA to sell a sub unless it's a mutant.

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      It'll be even more dispersed with Filmation, POP, NA, Mini Comics, and Son of He-man heavy hitters. I love NA but I still doubt they'll try to finish up their figures when it comes to the 2016 line up. I could see characters like

      Mask of Power Demons
      Son of He-man
      Son of Skeletor
      Colonel Blast
      Filmation He-man, Skeletor, Hordak, Clawful, Rattlor


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        Army builders are an essential (and fun!) part of the line, and aside from 200x skeletons and hover robots and horde wraiths, we've gotten pretty close
        to exhausting our options. I personally feel golems could be an excellent fit! Here are some ideas to consider:

        *Golems wouldn't necessarily need any accessories, which would help offset the 100% tooling cost.
        * Golems could be sold as a sand golem two-pack, or a gray stone two-pack, or a combination two-pack with one stone golem and one sand golem. Theuy share the exact same tooling!
        * Golems qualify as an army builder for a future Filmation subscription.
        * Because this is an army builder,producing the same number of figures as a non army builder would help ensure these sell out quickly as builders typically sell more units.
        * The gray stone golem character "Graybock" from the episode "Quest for the Sword" could be sold as a single figure, and fans would no doubt buy multiples of him to army build, ensuring he is sold out quickly.
        * If accessories are added, these could be non-related weapons, shields, etc. intended to be used with previous army builders (guards, troopers, etc.).
        * Probably the best accessories to include would be new heads for previous army builder kits! (guard heads, trooper heads, snake heads, etc.)
        * Sand Demons would give added value to the Nepthu figure already in many of our collections.

        Graybock (sp?) from "Quest for the Sword"

        Sand Demons (Filmation)
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        • Novelty
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          I'm not sure if these would sell. They aren't Skeletor's hover robots, and even those might not sell that great.

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        assuming we get all the vintage MOTU and PoP by the end of 2015 (as promised...)

        I would like to see the Son of He-man stuff so long as we DO NOT get Skeleteen...Not all of the Son of He-Man bible is gold...Some things would need to be polished, but it is a great starting point.

        I want more NA, but I see that as largely a dead end. I do think that a good story told in this setting would help to make it more popular,

        I really want more POG! The original Guardians of Grayskull, The council of elders, The Ancients and all the evil wizards and more Snakemen and other "Dino Reptilian Empire" characters...That is a place for a lot of growth...Lots of existing stuff sandwiched between a healthy amount of new ideas. Afterall Preternia is The Land of Legends...

        I even want some military H.E.M.E.N. ...Who doesn't want Mr. Miyagi as a MOTU toy?!?!?!?

        Cartoon and other stories are a near endless list of cool minimally tooled action figures.

        Filmation and 1987 movie and 200X variants of the main cast is a good idea to refresh the popular characters.

        Heck I wouldn't even mind some need mission special stuff like Ice Armor he-man and Skeletor...The trick is to make a cool toy AND a good reason/story for making it.

        The New comics has some interesting ideas,. I think Mattel is stupid for not using that to market the toys better. With new leadership, a good writer and a whole lot of retroactive continuity that could be fixed.

        I really think MOTUC could go on for a good long while, one just needs the vision to see it and the smarts not to drive paying customers away.
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          I'd definitely like to see more vehicles and playsets for the most part, but also some beasts, monsters, giants from the vintage mini-comics, 200X and Filmation.


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            I want more prototype guys. There are some insane characters there - Might Bite, Fear-O, Steel kill, Goretusk, Red Beast, Mandible man, Punjab, etc.
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              I would like them to move to a pre-order 2-pack series model--of 3 releases per series, 2-3 series per the figs, have them all somewhat related, and let there be a preorder. As long as they throw in something for everyone we could keep the line going for YEARS.

              Series 1

              Enchantress + King Miro
              Dragoon + Aramesh
              Mask of Power Demons

              Series 2

              Artilla + Staghorn
              Prahvus + Captain Randor
              Scrollos- Proper UK Horde Prime

              Make the packs $60 USD and we get the same out put of figures, in packs that make sense and in groupings that make sense. If there is not enough popularity then that series doesn't get made.


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                We might start seeing some 2.0 figures or character variants in 2016. Especially a new Teela figure that fixes the old problems (bobblehead, waist twist). It's a great way to refresh the main characters for fans who either want their favorite versions of the characters OR fans who can't get their hands on the originals.

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                  I know it's probably Flogging (pun intended) a dead horse but they need to complete NA. The classics updates have been fantastic and I know that the remaining ones would be too. For example, a two pack of Kayo and Nocturna at SDCC with some available on the site afterwards would suffice. They wouldn't need much tooling at all and they can make it in smaller numbers like Standor or Spirit Hordak. I think it was a mistake putting the Filmation Power Sword in with Flogg, they should have saved it for a lesser character to help sell it. As a faction leader with a great design I think Flogg should do well on his own. I would be very disappointed if 2016 saw the line go down the Son of He-Man route and discard NA. I got into this line properly when Optikk and Adora came out. That's when I was convinced that this line was committed to all the eras. They should stick to that.


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                    I think the majority of 2016 will be dedicated to "fan fiction" characters, and will include MOTU versions of Dare and Skeleteen, as well as the various MOTUC mini comic characters that continue to be a part of presentations, receiving sketches and concept art. I think the whole point of those slides is to keep people talking about the mini comic characters and create a demand. I imagine that there will also be a few Filmation characters, and the occasional NA characters, maybe 1 or 2 at the most. MAYBE there will be some kind of POP variant character just so that era gets a bit of representation to entice some subs.


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                      If we made it to 2016, I believe it would be NA, Filmation, MYP and mini comic characters. I think that they will raise the prices and the 2015 sub will not go through. TG will say that it failed because the prices were higher than fans are willing to pay. I think we will still get 4 or 5 figures in 2015 and will continue to get 3 or 4 figures per year until a movie year.


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                        I predict we still wont have all the vintage figures by 2015. I think we are still going to get a ton of random fodder figures that will take up slots from now until then. Neitlich can't resist making obscure characters most people don't even care about.


                        • Novelty
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                          He's changed his mind so often over the past few years that I have no idea why he even opens his mouth anymore - because he usually gets proven wrong... by himself.

                        • Shawn
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                          The George Lucas defense: An inability to acknowledge mistakes thus never being wrong about anything ever.
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                        I'm afraid the combination of the next price increase & the fact we're 'supposed' to have the vintage toy line complete by then will mean enough vintage-only customers will stop collecting the line in enough numbers that any MOTUC post 2015 won't happen. Mattel has a penchant for 'punishing' fans when they (Mattel) don't get their way. Just look at Unleashed Doomsday as the latest example...
                        There won't be enough customers for regular 2016 sub, so instead of doing the smart thing they won't adjust the sub to a smaller sized offering (maybe 6 figures a year, or no more over-sized slots, anything like that to make the last bunch of, and obviously more obscure, figures a little more palatable to the remaining customer base), I predict there will be a similar situation to the Unleashed Doomsday debacle where Mattel will essentially say "my way or the highway" to it's MOTUC customer base as they try to continue with an ambitious 2016 lineup. Don't get me wrong, I'd love that ambitious line up to go through, but realism would need to set in by then and the mass exodus of vintage-only fans by then will need to be factored in (and I predict Mattel won't factor that in).

                        Sadly, the history with Mattel is there for us all to see.... When something fails, it's always "there just isn't the customer base for the property as a whole", instead of "maybe we should adjust our thinking, since the customer base for what we want to release out of the property isn't there".

                        That's why what I think what will happen is the handful of proposed MOTUC figures for a 2016 sub might be spread out over that year just like what happened to DCIE, if we're lucky. Nothing more than that.


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                          I would like MOTUC to continue into 2016. I expect that if it makes it through they will work on characters they talked about releasing but changed their plans after 2013. I hope to see Red Beast, Darius and Spinwit. I also expect to see Lord Masque as some FILMation fans are upset that he did not win the vote at SDCC.
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                            I think they'll end up showing Despara for 2016 to get subs to sell. She's been pretty popular amongst most of the fandom. (Not my favorite, but she is a cool design.)


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                              Despara would probably be a smart choice for the next POP subscription exclusive.
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