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Who would like a Club Denebria add-on sub?

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  • Who would like a Club Denebria add-on sub?

    Okay, I know, I know... NA is some kind of unloved stepchild to a lot of fans, mostly vintage purists (Ha! That term again, feels good to use it )

    BUT the Four Horsemen have proven that they can make anything cool. And in the end it's not the character design, it's the vintage execution of the figures that drew away a lot of people. The Space Mutants in the Classics line seem to receive a lot more acceptance - So let's be honest- an add-on sub of only mutants would balance the factions some more and would have a more guaranteed sales than the Galactic Protectors (they could still come in the main sub, though)


    Club exclusive figure: Disks of Doom Skeletor (really one of the most impressive Skeletor incarnations and his look in 80% of all episodes)

    July: Quakke (start with a heavy hitter- very cool design, a mutant that causes earthquakes)
    August: Crita (Mara will get a figure, her counterpart deserves one, too!), pack in Grrr as accessory
    September: Lizorr (European exclusive in the 90ies, first time ever for a lot of fans)
    October: Crystoll (early Hoove design, just show a weapon and have fans wondering what's coming)
    November: Staghorn
    December: Dreadator (Only one episode, but this creature was a real menace for He-Man)

    There would still be some mutants left: Hoove, Butthead, Mutant Troopers

    What do you think? Oh- and if you don't want any of them, this is probably not the right thread for you

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    Honest answer, do not want. However, it would be awesome for the NA fans, and I hope they get it, or something like it.
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      This is a fantastic idea. They should definitely do this. The only downside is that the Galactic Guardians would still be lacking.


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        I'd probably load it with all the vintage figures though. Realistically, that's the best chance of it being a success.


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          Yes please! I actually love all the NA stuff, so I'd prefer to get some of the good guys too, but yeah, anything to fill out the NA factions is all good to me!
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            I'm a vintage purist and I love NA... I didn't grow up with the figures, but I have come to respect what they are... and that they were meant to be a continuation of the original line only different.

            Why do people think NA isn't vintage? That line is like 25 years old.


            • MegaGearMax
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              NA has alot of haters.

            • Vahn
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              I think much of the time NA isn't referred to as vintage simply for clarity's sake, not to suggest it isn't vintage.

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            ...I'd LOVE to see ALL of the Space Mutants released, just because they were all pretty interesting designs, and I have faith that the 4H could make them ALL look quite awesome! Lizzo, Hoove & Quakke especially! But I agree with Widukind that we need Lord Masque, Prahvus, Calix Lizard-Man, Evilseed, Great Balck Wizard, Fang-Or, and let's not forget... LODAR!!


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              I would rather have a "Club Primus" that included both guardians and mutants. I like the mutants better (design wise), but there are a few cool looking heroes that deserve figures too.
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                Butthead needs to be made on an official MOTUC card before this line ends.


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                  Originally posted by Captain Atkin View Post
                  I would rather have a "Club Primus" that included both guardians and mutants. I like the mutants better (design wise), but there are a few cool looking heroes that deserve figures too.
                  Agreed. Club NA with Darius, Detector, Kayo, Lizorr, Hoove and Crystoll.


                  • RoboSteveo
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                    Great sellection of characters!

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                  I'm definitely up for it. I can see the mutants playing better than the Protectors, though I do want both somehow, someday. It is kind of sad how some of the concepts like Detector and Krystoll are cooler than the final figures.


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                    With my interest in MOTU drying up as my collection is nearly complete (yes I'm an evil Scott detracting cherrypicker), I would have no use for an NA sub.


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                      Club Denebria sounds cool, I'd buy one if offered. The mutants are the neatest part of NA.


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                        I want ALL of the NA guys, so sign me up for Club Tri-Solar System.
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                          Yes, yes, and yes. I'd love more New Adventures in this line!

                          Quakke is one of my most wanted figures!


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