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In all the remaining MOTU characters, which ones deserve a figure in MOTUC ?

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  • In all the remaining MOTU characters, which ones deserve a figure in MOTUC ?

    There are still a TON of awesome characters left to be released in MOTUC (obviously, I'm not talking about the lame, cheap and badly designed characters)...

    So I'd like to know : what are the characters you'd really want to see in MOTUC and which deserve a figure ? (All eras welcome. Beasts and giants also count, by the way).
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    I've been holding out for Eldor for five years. And it looks like it's finally going to happen this fall.


    • Widukind
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      I think at this point Eldor is guaranteed. Any other non-anounced character(s) you'd like to see at some point, Matthew ?

    • Matthew L. Martin
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      Tough to say, since I'm in a bit of an unusual situation. First of all, as a graduate student, my budget for collecting's extremely tight, especially with how limited the availability of the figures is. Second, I'm big on cohesion and unity of style, so using the figures to 'fill in' gaps in previous lines doesn't really work for me--they just don't look right, especially with the forced Filmationesque style on some of them. Third, I have a 100% complete US vintage collection, so there's hardly anyone from the old days I'm missing.

      I hope they finish up vintage MotU and PoP, and I'd like to see NA as well, but that's more for others' sake than my own. It would be kind of nice to get the Laser figures in some form. Since old-style PoG is the one thing I'm really into from the Classics line, new Snake Men would be nice--I can already see a niche for Lady Slither, even if she is from Neitlich's work --and I'd like to see the Ancient Wizards. And since the Horde appears to have been around in Preternian days, Steel Kill would be a good foe for Tytus and Megator. I also have a niche for the Great Black Wizard--the skull is a mask that eventually became the man...

      And if we're really dreaming? There's a little something that almost saw release that we never got. A fellow by the name of Gigantasaurus ...
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    Multi-Bot would be fantastic. I would also like to see updated versions of Twistoid and Rotar.
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      All the remaining vintage figures (which includes POP and NA).
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      So a few years ago prior to Toy Fair 2012, I made a list of the 25 characters I felt I really wanted to see in the line for me to feel that the line was "complete." To me at that time, this meant releasing every figure from the first three vintage waves, releasing characters from a number of major era and styles, and adding in a few releases. From my original list of 25, only a few characers remain:

      2012: Illumina- representation for the MCCreations comic
      Gwildor -movie
      Imp - POP Filmation
      Eldor - POG prototype
      Saurod -Movie
      Angella- Major POP player

      In 2013, prior to Toy Fair, I added an additional 25. Only 16 of those characters remain:
      Dare/He-Ro 2 (although I envisioned the old series bible version)
      Tung Lashor
      King Miro
      Son of Skeletor (I'm just interested in the concept from the SOH era)
      Blast Attack
      SB She-ra/NA She-Ra (I figured these might be the same at the time)
      NA Teela

      And in 2014 I made my next list. So far, 23 remain:
      Snake Armor He-Man
      Flying Fists He-Man
      Terror Claws Skeletor
      Master Sebrien
      Laser Power He-Man
      Laser Power Skeletor

      Next year, I'll do it again. I actually want the He-Man military concept from the Power and Honor Foundation catalogue, too! What an odd idea!


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        He was probably the most liked hero in New Adventures and he was one of the mainstays of the Galactic Protectors in the cartoon. I hope that they give him his Jetlag visor and an alternate helmetless head.


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          Originally posted by Barbecue17 View Post
          Next year, I'll do it again. I actually want the He-Man military concept from the Power and Honor Foundation catalogue, too! What an odd idea!
          You know, we've seen fantasy He-Man, we've seen sci-fi He-Man ... military He-Man's the only one left to finish out Sweet's original triad concept, isn't he?


          • Captain Atkin
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            A "Fire-Power He-Man" could be cool, if done well. I've always liked the "found armour" concept.

          • Barbecue17
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            Well, technically Vykron's three looks completed the Sweet trio that was pitched to Mattel. Technically, though, it's interesting that the barbarian concept evolved into the He-Man we know and love, the space concept eventually did see some life in New Adventures, so a military nod would be appropriate. In the P&H Foundation catalog, there are quite a few pages dedicated to a concept from 1986 called H.E/ M.A.N.

            It stood for High Energy Military Attack Nucleus and seemed to be a more military /G.I.Joe adventure team influenced line. Looking back at the images, they really remind me of G.I. Joe Sigma six (one of my favorite toylines ever).

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          It seems no ones mentioned Butthead yet (and hopefully no one will).


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            He has so much sculpted detail that I am dying to see the 4HM just perfectly capture. I love his personality and the Billy Bartle is A Master. He created the 2nd coolest artifact in MOTU right after the Sword(s) ...The Cosmic Key was also ALMOST PRODUCED as a role play toy...I have HIGH level fo suspicion that he was intended to be marketed as one of the Elders/Ancients during 1987/1988 for The Powers of Grayskull.

            Besides that he is a childhood favorite of mine. I love Gwildor so much, I wish everyone did.
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