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New NECA stands for 6 inch figures!

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  • New NECA stands for 6 inch figures!

    NECA, the company that produced the Four Horsemen's awesome 200x stactions, has just released a new line of clear stands. These stands are perfect for 6 to 8 inch figures. The stands measure 3.5″ in diameter, and have a very clean and clear finish. The stands went on sale in late February, and should be showing up at toy and comic book stores. They come sold as 10 stands per pack. These stands look like they would work great with MOTUC figures!

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    They do look pretty nice, although the problems I have with MOTUC figures are weak ankles. These look great for NECA and other 6-7 inch figures with more solid leg articulation, though. For MOTUC I actually use the black wire doll stands. I can't remember the company off hand, but they have two sizes. The larger ones look fine with everyone and look great with males while the smaller ones work with females.
    I'm going to look into these NECA stands for my Terminator, Predator, Aliens, and other older NECA stuff though.


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      I use Kaiser brand doll stands. Particularly the ones for 6 1/2 to 11 inch dolls. They have a nice, loose grip on the male figures' lower torsos which keeps them nicely standing upright but doesn't make them difficult to remove from their stand. They're metal and look very neat and clean.

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    I would definitley buy some of these, if they work with the MOTUC figures. If anyone buys some, it would be cool to see some photos of how they look with the figures.
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      Yes please. I'd also like to know how well these work, if someone has bought them.
      I use the old McFarlane stands, but I'm just about out.

      .... All this talk of the weak ankles, doesn't anyone use the clear rubber band trick? Obviously, it would be ideal that we never have to use clear rubber bands to fix loose ankles, but it does work, and I've never had a figure shelf dive when using them.

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    These are like the Protech ones I use... only wider in diameter for 6-7 inch figures. I use the ones made for vintage Kenner Star Wars figures, one for each foot in most cases. My opinion is these MIGHT BE too big if you like to display your figures in close proximity of one another.


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      Kaiser makes a vast array of stands, which can be modified to serve other display purposes as well.

      These NECA stands remind me very much of the old McFarlane stands - no surprise there, as NECA's founder Randy Falk is an ex-McFarlane employee. The McFarlane stands have kept even some of my most top heavy figures upright for years, and I would expect these to work just as well. Mind you, however, no stand of this style will help a figure with weak ankle articulation.
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