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Which figures did you PASS on and why?

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  • Which figures did you PASS on and why?

    This thread is not meant to be a negative TG hating thread. Please refrain from hating of any kind. Expressing criticisms about figures, disinterest in characters, and frustrations with releases are cool, but keep it civil, and no fighting. There's enough of that thriving at the ORG.

    This thread is merely to express your feelings on why you passed on certain figures hailed by many as essential, or fantastic additions to the line. We've all heard about the sell outs. We all know how TG thinks his choices for the line are amazing, and we all know that some people will buy anything to ensure the life remains in this line long enough to get the figures 'we' want. While I can applaud their efforts, I think it also has propagated these misses, with so many hits left in the vintage line up. Now its time to voice why you opted out on certain releases. I'll start with my post in no particular order...

    Mo-Larr, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary. I can enjoy Robot Chicken, but I accept it in its place. If South Park did a fun MOTU parody episode, I wouldn't want Cartman and his friends showing up in MOTUC packaging. There's a reason this thing was blown out at Big Lots.

    Dekker, didn't really care for the character.

    Preternia He-Man, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary

    Battleground Teela, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary

    Battle Ground Evil-Lyn, already have my vintage colors, and my 200X, and my 200X staction.. Redundant for me.

    The Mighty Spector, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary. TG you are many things, but you are not a toy designer or a writer.

    The Palace Guards, I was on the fence about these because I'm not big on army building... however the ego of one man made me pass. That's all I have to say there.

    Plundor, for all my love of Filmation, there are just some characters that should remain forgotten. I would have gladly purchased Kathos, Lizard Man, and about half a dozen others from the Filmation vault. I probably would have even taken Garth, in butterfly form. I just can't buy a giant pink bunny.

    Castle Grayskull Man, I get that some people like this, but I feel as though these individuals will buy virtually anything. I have no use for the transformation of the beautiful, captivating and iconic Grayskull being turned into a humanoid to pump out another toy. I feel the same way about people's wishes Snake Mountain, or for an anthropomorphized Battle Cat and Panthor. I saw some of the other contest entries, and they were so much better. Was winning selection solely up to 1 person? I think so.

    Drageo-Man, I can't get that excited over a dragon that isn't Granamyr or Shadow Wing. For me, the only good thing that came from this figure is the re-used wings on Granamyr

    Cy-Chop, poorly designed figure from a supposed industry professional... I traded mine off to make someone else happy.

    Icarius, just not a big enough fan of NA to care

    Fighting Foe Men, a poor execution of what could have been interesting. I did enjoy the hooded guy from the original box-art, but the final designs were too busy, and just looked like an amateur attempt at strong arming more of TGs ideas into the line. Seeing them together, they really were a mess.

    Star Sisters, unknown to me, unwanted by me, and just too girly.

    Sir Lazer Lot, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary

    Horde Prime, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary. Not how I envisioned Horde Prime.

    The Unamed One, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary

    Standar, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary... where's my Evil Seed?

    Spirit of Hordak, no internet in chasing an unpainted piece of plastic. Nice try there TG.

    Vikor, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary. I traded him to a friend who really wanted him.

    Vykron, the most interesting visually, I did love the "Space Ace" suit, but too pricy with 1 figure with a few extra accessories. If only TG had stepped up and offered 2 figures in the same box, then I would have bit. Just came up short for me.

    MOTUC vs DC, passed on all of these, mainly because of having to limit my pieces in my collection, and I didn't want duplicates of MOTU figures... although the Battle Armor Faker is pretty sweet looking. You almost had me! Almost.

    Carnivus, not a bad figure, but no connection to the character

    Keldor, Redundant

    The Faceless One, not a bad figure, but no connection to the character

    Demo-Man, not a bad figure, but no connection to the character

    Netossa, not a bad figure, but no connection to the character

    Geldor, not a bad figure, but no connection to the character... and visually boring. I would have like The Gamesmaster or some other great Filmation connection.

    Wun-Dar, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary. Some He-Man variants were awesome, this was not one of them.

    King Grayskull, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary.

    King Grayskull Spirit, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary. Not a fan of unpainted clear plastic

    King Grayskull Bronze, visually uninteresting and completely unnecessary.

    Netossa, unknown to me, unwanted by me

    King He-Man, uninteresting
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    There are many characters that I passed on initially as they don't feel like full price figures to me (i.e. BG Teela, BG Lyn, Snake Man-At-Arms...). Figures I'll never buy are:

    Mighty Spector: What's left to say?

    PD He-Man: I like the cosmic key. Unfortunately, the figure itself is rather boring.

    Vykron: Nice concept, poor execution.

    Shadow Weaver: Too expensive.

    Granamyr: Too expensive. Planned on getting one on Black Friday, however he sold out in EA.


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      Shadow Weaver isn't actually too expensive, that is if you got her day of sale. She was just poorly chosen as an exclusive, which screwed over a lot of fans.

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    I collect them all. The only figures I am passing on are the Classics mini figures.

    The only figures I have that I don't display in my collection are Tallstar and Jewelstar.
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      Are those plastic mistresses your dirty little secrets?

    • Captain Atkin
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      lol... they are just so horrible looking. At least Tallstar has a good head sculpt, so I may use her for a custom someday. Jewelstar is the worst looking figure in MOTUC.

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    I sub, so a lot of things I would have passed on I actually own by default. However, I did not sub the first year, and have also passed on some out of sub items:

    Granamyr - I couldn't justify the price at the time and didn't like the color. This is the only one I actually regret passing on, and will probably get one when I come across a reasonable price.

    Rock People - I just thought they were poorly executed, and the lies about their construction/design changes got my goat. I don't care to have them in the collection at all to this day.

    Yellow Ape Thing - It has a name, I know, but I can't be bothered to look it up, just as I can't be bothered with the figure itself. Not my cup of tea.

    Original Grayskull and variants - Didn't feel the need to have a single figure with no line to back him up. Once Classics was a thing, I didn't care to pay his asking price. Then I got the re-release, which works just fine for my collection, so no need.

    Standor - No. Just no.

    color change Orko - Seems pointless, frankly.

    Battle Armor Faker - Neat idea, but not something I need.
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      Spirit of Hordak, Mo-Larr and Standar are the only figures that I don't have, not counting chase figures or SDCC variants like SDCC He-Ro, Color Change Orko, Spirit of King Grayskull, Silver She-Ra, Bronze King Grayskull, etc.


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        So far: Standar, SDCC variants, and the DC vs MOTUC Toys R Us sets. It could've been more, but I have the unwanted figures by default via the subs. Soon: Most of the Etheria sub figures as well.


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          I will only refer to the figures I passed when I was actively collecting the line:

          Zodak - Meant nothing to me, plus I already had Zodac.

          The Green Goddess - No interest in this character either.

          Battle Armor He-man - I only collect one of each character, so I have no interest in variants unless they are awesome variants on their own.

          Evil-lyn - Never enjoyed her yellow skin and hopefully BG Evil-lyn came out later.

          Wun-dar - Meh...

          Keldor - Didn't care for him either.

          Count Marzo - Meh... if only it was the musketeer version from Filmation.

          King He-man - In my "cannon" there's only one He-man.

          Roboto - I don't support defective product.

          King Hsss - I don't support defective product.

          Pre-Eternia Desguise He-man - Same as BA He-man.

          Battle Armor Skeletor - Same as BA He-man.

          Faceless One - Didn't like the design, also had no connection to the character.

          Hurricane Hordak - Same as BA He-man.

          Thunder Punch He-man - Same as BA He-man.

          Stinkor - More or less a skip, since I bought it on the secondary market so the sale didn't count for Mattel, and only because I was able to repair it.

          The Mighty Screw Up - No need for an explanation, horrible design.

          Snake Man-At-Arms - Boringggggg...

          Vykron - Even though the whole line has this "kiddy toy" aura all over it, this figure was just too much...

          Sir Lame-A-Lot - Another boring figure, great potential though and I even liked the name.

          Frosta - No bootlegs for me thanks.

          Crap-Chop - A huge mess of a figure.

          Dekker - Same as Snake Man-At-Arms.

          King He-man - To me, a horrible design.

          Galactic Protector He-man - Same as BA He-man.

          Stonedar & Rokkon - You don't cheap out on characters from the vintage line... enough was enough and this was when I quit the line.

          After that I sold my whole collection and I only kept He-man, Skeletor and every Filmation character - which never had a figure previously - from the He-man show (Granamyr, Icer, Batros, Shokoti and three Darklings, Strongarm, Plundor, Fang Man and maybe Nepthu if I can find a way to correct his eyebrows). And I also kept the Windraider and one Sky Sled... these are some amazing items! Oh and I still have a Draego-man... maybe the best figure from the whole line as far as I'm concern and I'm not even a Four Horsemen fan... screw those who say that people just like old characters! I don't display it with my other MOTUC figures though, I consider it to be something else. In Eternia dragons must be gigantic!
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            So far I've passed on:

            TRU Skeletor - not interested in a Skeletor missing his havoc staff and the first one is good enough for me
            King He-man - didn't care for the design
            Star Sisters - not a fan of POP, so I'm very selective with which ones I keep
            Netossa - same as above
            Castaspella - same as above
            Glimmer - same as above
            Swift Wind - same as above
            Icarius - not a fan of NA, but I do like the look of the Evil Mutants so far
            Hydron - same as above
            Dragon Blaster Skeletor- don't have the $$ or the space to own too many versions of the main 2
            Thunder Punch He-man - same as above
            Galactic Protector He-man - same as above


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              Agreeing with you on variants. This line is too pricy for variants.

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            I collect everything. I got them all.


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              Preeternia He-man-boring
              Spirit of Hordak-boring
              Mighty spector both stupid and boring but I kept him and changed the head
              2 King Grayskull rare variants from 2008-too expensive


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                While it seems that people tastes are quiet varied, as are their reasons, some figures seem to be popping up more frequently than others. If this line was at a retail price point of $15, I could support variants, but at $27 + shipping I cannot be bothered to get the same character over and over and over.
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                  The Mighty Spector
                  Sir Laser lot

                  They're not nostalgic in any way and I just am not impressed by them

                  White Sorceress
                  Clear red Hordak

                  I have no desire for cheap repaints of characters I already have

                  There's a couple others I would have passed on if they weren't part of the sub, like Snake MAA, FFM, Star Sisters...


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                    Filmation Randor - Lame variant
                    Dekker - Boring design
                    Mighty Spector - Crap design
                    Lt. Spector - Egotistical BS
                    Nepthu - Poor execution, boring design
                    Mo-Laar - Crap
                    Standar - Old Man with a moustache, no thanks
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                    • Draego-Man
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                      Oh, sorry, I thought this was the worst figure in the line thread. I haven't passed on any figures. I have them all.

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                    Originally posted by Draego-Man View Post
                    Standar - Old Man with a moustache, no thanks
                    You forgot the stupid shades! What kind of cosmic God wears sunglasses?

                    I wonder why Scott isn't holding his Spector figure in this pic?

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                      He's holding something else instead.

                    • Mechanizor
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                      LOL... Wouldn't surprise me!

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                      He's wearing his spector shirt underneath, that's why

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                    PASSED on meaning I decided to NOT get them:

                    Spector - several reasons but the biggest one being to me, he does NOT FIT in MOTU. lame design.
                    Cy-Chop - doesn't look good it's a mish mash of parts done poorly.

                    MOTU vs DC - no real interest in the colour variations (feel the MOTUC versions look better) I am not big on colour variants, the DC figures should have used the MOTUC bucks.

                    The first Matty minis - disappointed in the small size, but I really like how they look, I firmly believe it will be back for black friday/cyber monday MIGHT get them then.

                    That's it. There are others I have missed (basically variants and such no unique characters) that I kind of wanted but the price was way too high

                    There are figures I have bought that I am disappointed with, or at the least feel kind of MEH about, but I have them.


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