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  • Excuse my ignorance...

    Could some one list for me the figures we get for the 2014 sub? This is my fist-time buying a sub. So far I've got Two Bad (awesome!), Glimmer (my little girl has her), Modulock (awesome!), and Hydron (ok). Who's next? Blade? Then who? Eldor? I guess I'm just getting old and I'm having a hard time finding the info. Thanks guys (hobbles back to arm chair and yells at wife for moving the remote, only to find it moments later...)

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    To the best of my knowledge, Club Eternia is as follows:

    April: Blade

    May: Scorpia

    June: Extendar, Battle Lion

    July: Flogg

    August: Flutterina, NA Skeletor

    September: Rio Blast

    No confirmed release date or details as yet, but there is a Snake Man in the pipeline, as well as hints at Eldor and Huntara should be on the schedule by NLT the end of 2015.

    Club Etheria:

    July: Double Trouble (Double Mishchief)

    August: Madame Razz & Broom

    September: Entrapta

    October: Light Hope (subscription exclusive)

    No confirmed release or details, but hints at Sweet Bee. Huntara could conceivably be worked into this sub rather than the main, as well.
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      The next figure you should be getting after Hydron is Blade for April 2014. There has been no word yet if Eldor will be released this year (I'm guessing 2015).
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        Thanks fellas you guys are cool


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          Originally posted by Captain Atkin View Post
          There has been no word yet if Eldor will be released this year (I'm guessing 2015).
          Next to the hinted Helmet, they showcased a Book with Cross-symbol and the H-symbol from He-Ro.

          And said it was a hint for October-figure. The popular speculation is that it is a hint for Eldor.


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            The best site for this would be NoisyDvL's It's all true site.

            You can get to his page here: I like the nice visuals and the fact that it's sorted by year. It also lists the sell out times.
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              Awesome does that mean Eldors in the 14 sub?


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                Originally posted by zombihamma View Post
                Awesome does that mean Eldors in the 14 sub?

                We'll probably get an update at the next con. San Diego is the next one I think.


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                  Great stuff, again thanks guys


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