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  • Pixel-Dan's Flogg Review...

    Another cool looking figure, with a potential bobble-head issues, great!!!

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    PD's reviews piss me off more and more. I love seeing the figures and I think Dan is genuinely a good guy, but he never makes a solid critique. These are less like reviews than they are product previews.

    For example, what about saying something about the reuse of Trap Jaw legs? What about the choice to use Hordak's feet instead of Modulok's new feet which are EXACTLY like the vintage Flogg feet?

    And the whole bobble head thing being discounted as "oh, probably only my figure". What? I call shenanigans on that. If it is on yours Dan, it is on all of them plain and simple.

    Also, instead of talking about the buck underneath the armor, show us! I wanted to see how the transition from red buck to purple head was handled.

    Overall I like this figure a lot, and I'm glad we are getting NA figures, but still, he could have been done a little better.
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      he's in the tank for Scott and Mattel, it's that simple. he's supplied product and he's happy to tow the line.


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        Now now, Dan is off-limits, or can't you see his halo?

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