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If you could magically "fix" five flawed figures...

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  • If you could magically "fix" five flawed figures...

    So, let's say you found a magic lamp, you rub some dirt and a genie appears. He can grant you not three wishes, not four wishes, but five wishes. The caveat is that the wishes can only be used to fix the problems of five produced MotUC characters. Which 5 would you choose?
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    Goat Man's fat armor
    NA Skeletor's shoulders and fat armor (I'd make his chest a unique sculpt)
    Goddess hips
    Sorceress wing drums
    Roboto's shoulders/cracking chest
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      Snout Spout's trunk.
      Stinkor's reverse forearms.
      Hordak's boob tube.
      Roboto's cracking chest.
      Lt. Spector's ugly nerd face.
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        Sorry for the major off-topic, but since it wouldn't do nothing for me - there are more than five flawed figures that would still prevent me from having a complete collection - I would ask for this:

        1. I would ask for Mattel to concede the rights for a true MOTU adult collector line to a more competent and caring company.
        2. I would ask that the Four Horsemen could handle the whole design process for said line.
        3. I would ask for an art director to supervise the whole line, that person would be Emiliano Santalucia.
        4. I would ask for the banishing of all the Mighty Spector figures from the face of the earth.
        5. I would ask for Scott Neitlich to get back to the hole from where he came from... and never to have anything to do with MOTU again.
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          These suggestions are better for the MOTU line than a few minor figure nitpicks.

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        Hordak's belly armor/ painted shirt (thus retroactively fixing the problem for He-Ro and the rest!)
        Who ever first suffered from Fat Armor syndrome for the same reason above.
        He-Man's reversed shoulders (see where I'm going with this)
        Brittle plastic (Goddess)
        King Grayskull cloth cape

        I'm having a hard time even thinking of a flaw that only effects a single figure...

        Sorceress' wings/cape
        Goddess Blast Attak pelvis
        Glimer's height
        She-Ra should have been a single figure...
        Two-Bad uneven legs, open hands (Knucler as a 3rd weapon) heads further apart and shield with handle instead of that useless clip.
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          No Nutlick palace guard
          NA Skelly fixes (because there are multiple)
          Roboto cracking
          King Hssss' awful waist design
          Goddess cracking
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            King Hssss
            NA Skeletor
            The Goddess


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              Sorceress- new wings and spell casting hand
              Yellow Evil Lyn- individuel clothing and spell casting hand
              Dragonblaster Skeletor- articulated Dragon with open mouth
              Jitzu- head more vintage
              Stinkor- correct arms and missing paint on shield
              The Rock Warriors-everything


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                What's wrong about the rock warriors? I know what is wrong for me, but I'm curious about other people

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                I think the flaws with the Rock Warriors are most noticeable when you compare the mass produced figures to the prototypes:

                - the rock parts are too big and while they do work when in rock mode they really look bad when in action figure mode.
                - the position of the connectors for the rock parts is awful, instead of engineering the piece as the 4HM intended they went the lazy route, they should've maintained the thigh bands.

                Besides that, I do think that whenever a vintage MOTU character has a specific sculpt part it should always be a newly sculpt. That means that the figures shouldn't re-use the trap-jaw legs for instance.

                I'll tell you this, the Rock Warriors were the figures that convinced me to give up collecting MOTUC. It was the moment when I sensed they were going to go cheap whenever they could and look what happened... sadly I was right.
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                Yep, what barrasco wrote ;-)

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              Roboto ( chest material, reversed shoulders, gummy attachments, bad blackwash, 2 detachable hands) Stinkor's forearms Jitsu's tiny head NA Skeketor of course Filmation Hordak, obviously


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                Green Goddess - non explosive crotch + the tunic would be mini-comic accurate.

                Roboto - less crackable torso + both hands would be removable

                Octavia - less pizza skirt, more Marlena leotard + improved tentacles.

                Rio blast - better engineering on the armor and chaps + interchangeable hands that aren't just open

                Failmation Hordak - both arms interchangeable + filmation head and bone collar. The imp and staff would be planned for a later weapons pack.

                BG Evil Lyn - new tunic
                Sorceress - better engineering
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                  Battleground Evil-Lyn - She would have her 200X outfit on her torso, like we asked for.
                  Frosta - She would have a Filmation head, have her back painted, replace gray with brilliant white, make her gloves positioned correctly and come with a less clunky staff.
                  Failmation Hordak - Give him his Filmation head and correct body armor and cowl.
                  NA Skeletor - New torso altogether. No armor at all!
                  Hydron - No fat armor and alternate unhelmeted head.


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                    Only five? Every figure in this line has some kind of flaw, big or very, very tiny... so for the sake of consistancy, I'd rather have a full line of imperfect figures than a line with only 5 perfect ones.


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                      Only five... dang it!
                      -Roboto's Chest and Shoulders
                      -NA Skeletor's Shoulders and Armor
                      -DT's head engineering to be swapped for either 2 heads 1 Helmet or 2 interchangeable faceplates.
                      -Sorceress wings
                      -Spinnerella to have cloth tassels
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                        Double Trouble - new heads (x2) and cape.
                        Stinkor - fixed forearms.
                        New Adventures Skeletor - No fat armor.
                        Sea Hawk - No fat armor.
                        Hydron - No fat armor.
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                          1. Stinkor (forearms)
                          2. Roboto (reversed soulders, broken chest)
                          3. Snake Face (bulky armor)
                          4. Rio Blast (everything :bang
                          5. Snout Spout (broken trunk)


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                            Sorceress wings should be like flutterina
                            Hordak should have normal abs like MAA
                            Rio blast chest flap should close.
                            Spinnerella arm tassels should be articulated like rio blast forearms
                            King Grayskull's cape should be like chief carnivus cape


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                              Remember when I posted the list of flaws over at the Org and was attacked and belittled? Ahhhh, memories.
                              1. Fat flesh/armor on NA Skeletor
                              2. Double Trouble Double Chin and derp face.
                              3. ALL Granny panties reversed.
                              4. Rio Blast - everything - just a real missed opportunity.
                              5. Stondar and Rokkon - spend more money and make them look like their prototypes.

                              I left out all the quality control and design flaws - which are many and tried to concentrate on aesthetics.

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                                Well I compiled this according to most major fan responses of the figures...

                                The Goddess's Hips
                                Roboto's Chest
                                Stinkors arms
                                Frosta's forearms
                                Seahawk's Shirt


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