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Paint chipping on MOTUC figures

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  • Paint chipping on MOTUC figures

    Annoying thing I discovered on my syklone recently. I was removing his shield from his wrist and some of the paint on the handle of the shield chipped of easily. Friend of mine had the same problem with his Sea Hawk in which case paint was chipping of the palm of the hand that holds the sword. Mattel and their screw ups. For the money people pay for these toys the product should be top notch

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    This is pretty typical with some of the painted weapons. The ones in my collection that have been the worst were the Palace Guards' shields and staffs. The paint comes right off. I remember there were lots of issues with Hurricane Hordak's chestpiece, too.
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      Using the standard power sword to open Castle Grayskull too much causes some of the silver paint to wear off
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        The paint on Sy-Klone's wrist chipped off when I attached and removed his shield. This is the worst case of paint chipping I got. Even the black plastic figures aren't as bad.
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          Some of the paint on my scareGlows reliquary has chipped


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