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Super Dissapointed - Slime Pit He-Man didnt make the cut

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  • Super Dissapointed - Slime Pit He-Man didnt make the cut

    One of the most iconic mini comic figures ever - should be slimed like Vankman in the Ghost Busters line. Wont make the cut - got voted out by the idiots at the ORG for sub par NA & Filmation figures - SIGH...

    Who else is dissapointed?

    Maybe with some luck they will make the Slime Pit and include him.

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    Slime Monster He-Man from the classic mini-comic would make a great subscriptrion exclusive figure. I suspect there is still a chance we could see him made down the road as an exclusive, as he would be an easy figure to make. Including him with a Slime Pit would be another sure way to increase sales.
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      I agree, love that figure. He is perfect for the Slime Pit Diorama
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        I'd love to get one (and this is coming from someone who isn't too fond of variants for the most part), despite the track record of clear figures from Mattel, I'd love a Slime Pit He-man to be translucent green if possible.
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          It sucks that Slime Monster He-Man didn't make the final cut, and we got a glow-in-the-dark King Grayskull that no one asked for as a chase figure instead. Looking at Spirit of Grayskull, it is obvious that they could have made a Slime Pit He-Man in the same style. A missed opportunity to give the fans something unique and fun.
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            I would not want a "Clear green Cast" of Vanilla He-Man for a "Slime Pit He-Man". That is cheap, lazy and would not do Justice to the Character.
            Slime Pit He-Man is He-Man COVERED in Slime. So the figure should reflect that. I get that a 100% newly tooled body with slime is unlikely. So the next best thing is:
            Vanilla He-Man Buck (W/Symmetrical bracelets) in GITD Green with some washes/paints to create the effect of slime covering his body. The Hair, Harness and Loincloth should be new translucent pieces with globs of slime sculpted on them to reflect the slime. All of these pieces should be painted on the inside with GITD paint to sell the illusion that they're simply slime covered. Maybe add some slip on translucent slime pieces to put on the arms and legs. (Similar to the DC Signature Poison Ivy vines)
            The head is the He-Man head in GITD Plastic with red eyes. For weapons use the Final WP Green Weapons.
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            • Captain Atkin
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              I don't think it would have been difficult to add the "slime effect" to the standard He-Man buck. I'm sure that there are a number of ways that it could be done in a cost-effective way.

            • Crespo
              Crespo commented
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              There are plenty of ways, but I don't trust Mattel enough to do them.

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            The upcoming glow-in-the-dark King Grayskull looks like a giant pile of green slime. Isn't that enough?


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              I do not want a slime pit He-Man. I'd much rather have a new character. Even yellow tug of war guy would be good.
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              • PhantomZodak
                PhantomZodak commented
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                i agree with you, 2015 is already filled with variants. i don't want more. as long as it's a new guy, it's good. yes, even twiywipiatow

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              There's still a chance. Look at DCUC, they keep doing SDCC exclusives and such. This isn't one I'm interested in myself (I'm more of a yellow tug of war guy myself) but it would be interesting to see how it would be executed.
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                I still think that 2015 King Grayskull 'spirit' figure would look better as a Slime Pit He-man. I'm hoping someone out there can cast a matching GITD green He-man chest harness and head, or even better, if one of these talented sculptors can make a slimed He-man head casted in matching GITD green...... Reason why I say that is I also think a Slime Pit He-man isn't going to happen, and customizing that chase KG is 'our'* best chance.

                * our meaning those who actually want a SPHM.


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