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  • Grayskull Standard - news, updates, stuff!

    I´d like to use this thread for everything related to the Grayskull Standard, which we introduced last year as a Grayskull Convention exclusive. Since I am constantly developing new additions for this accessory, I rather have everything collected in one place instead of a gazillion of threads.

    So here we go :-)

    The original Grayskull Standard Con-Exclusive was this set:

    It was offered exclusively at Grayskull Con 2013 in a very limited supply. However, we underestimated the demand by large, so we offered attendees at the convention and for a brief period of time after the convention online to order more Standards, which sported a "The Original" sticker.

    This Standard came with 5 fabric banners (hand cut and sewn):
    Horde (donated by Karsten MAXX Klintzsch)
    King Grayskull
    King Randor
    Castle Grayskull

    I don´t have the final numbers of how many sets were sold, but they were still very limited and I think less than 200 units are out there. So if you ever should find one online and feel you should need it, get it while you can ;-)

    Earlier in 2014 I came up with 5 more banners:
    Horde Invasion
    Great Rebellion
    Galactic Protectors
    Skeletor (based on Daniele "Danbrenus" Spezzani´s design in the Grayskull Con minicomic "Under Grayskulls flag")
    Temple of Power (based on Axel Gimenez´ design in the MOTUC minicomic "Their final battle")

    The first run of this set has been sold out, but I will definetly do a second run if there is enough demand. I need 20 preorders paid in advance to start production of a second run.

    There was also a contest for this set, where I asked fans to send in a photo of their collection featuring the Grayskull Standard. The winning photo was used as the cardback and was taken by Sascha Bischof:

    I recently showed a teaser of a potential third set of banners:

    There are many many ideas for future banners and I will keep making these as long as you want them.

    Furthermore, I just finished an add-on for the Standard itself: A display base:
    Directly from Preternian times and all the way into the future comes this Grayskull Standard display base. Fits the original Grayskull Standard and allows for a secure stand, when all your actionfigure warriors need their hands free to fight for good or evil.

    Last but not least:
    If this is the first time you hear anything about the Grayskull Standard and you think to yourself "Dammit, I need this awesome accessory!", please head over to my Shapeways shop, where you can get the Standard and its display base. The first set of flags is sold out and will not be reprinted, to honor the exclusiveness of the Grayskull Con release. If you want those flags, your best bet is ebay or to check out the marketplace sections of fan forums worldwide.
    As mentioned before, I will take preorders for a second run of set #2, but I cannot start production on this unless I have 20 sets preordered (at $12 each, including international shipping)
    You can find my Shapeways Shop here:
    DJ Force Weapons Forge Toydesign - offering brand new toy accessories you didn´t even know you were missing!

    Please feel free to discuss the Standard, ask questions, suggest new add-ons and keep checking back for more infos on future releases!
    Thank you SOOOOOO much for your continuing support!

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    Meanwhile, I posted this new teaser for an upcoming set of banners online:

    This set will include 5 brandnew banners again and will be due in late 2014.
    It will possibly be 12 to 15 Euros including international shipping. The price depends on how I design the content and the cardback.
    Further info when I am closer to finishing the product


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      I like that one. I'd love to see a warrior ring symbol banner and a vintage toy or 200X Horde symbol.
      Once upon a time, good advice was "be kind Rewind"now nobody remembers the past.

      Masters of the universe The LOST TALES (a series of vintage style fan-comics and children's books)


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        Grayskull Standard Flags Wave #3 available!

        Just in time for christmas, this brand new set of flags includes:
        1) Evil occupied Castle Grayskull
        2) Cosmic Enforcer
        3) Birth of Skeletor
        4) Avion (Fan-Choice Winner)
        5) And a Surprise that will not be revealed until the sets are being delivered.

        Each set is 10 Euros plus shipping (Germany: 1.45 Euros, International: 3.45 Euros) and payment can be made via paypal.

        If you want to order this set, please write an email to [email protected] including:
        - Your full name
        - Your full address
        - How many sets you want
        I will get in contact with you asap with all the payment details.

        See you soon!


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          The cardbacks have arrived, the flags are starting to ship!

          Thanks to the awesomeness that is Daniele "Danbrenus" Spezzani, the cardback has an awesome vintage boxart vibe to it.

          See posting above for details on how to get a set of these flags!


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