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Goodbye Classics, Hello Polybags?

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  • Goodbye Classics, Hello Polybags?

    Since the promise is no more brick carded figures in Classics packaging, how about moving to polybags once they kill of Classics. That would reduce costs all around.

    Since I open everything I'd be all for that.
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    I open all my toys, so I would be cool with this, but I just don't see Mattel ever doing it. Too many collectors like getting their figures in packaging.
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      MOC collectors would flip.


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        Polybags for such expensive figures?!!! LOL, I don't think so...


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          I'm all for it, but I think polybags would probably make the most sense on a "Corrected Figures Sub" (as opposed to characters that haven't been made as of yet).


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            I think it would be a terrible idea.

            You run the risk of the figures breaking during shipping.


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              "Thank you for subbing for our new 2016 Masters of the Universe inspired line, Dare Son of He-Man! Figures will start at $34 each, plus shipping and applicable taxes. They will arrive vaccumed sealed in an amazing polybag! Its a plastic bag!

              If you sub before June 27th 2015, you will recieve 1 free clamshell for your bag! Now your bag will be protected! That is essential for every collection.

              There will be no day of sale product. Sub exclusive figure will be the highly fan demanded Time Travelling Eternian Captain Spector, a variant of my highly popular Mighty Spector! Expect a price increase in 2017. Thanks for the promotion He-Bitches!"
              Scott Neitlich, Mattel Boys Division Manager
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              • Mechanizor
                Mechanizor commented
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                You've summed it up nicely...

              • Novelty
                Novelty commented
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                You forgot the "pretty cool, huh?" At the end

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              I think they are going for boxes in 2016. like DC signature series, but probably with a more generic box.
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              • Novelty
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                I hope it's a resealable card...

              • Shawn
                Shawn commented
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                I'm a fan of that. so you can display loose or MOC

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