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The Fwoosh SDCC Hordak & Imp review

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  • The Fwoosh SDCC Hordak & Imp review

    A new review of SDCC Hordak & Imp is now up at the Fwoosh. He-Man World members Zombihamma and AlessandraF get a nice shout out in the review (if you haven't seen their costumized Filmation Hordak heads, you need to check them out!)

    Click image for larger version

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    Good review. I would say that was very fair and balanced. One thing that stuck out to me, and is a bit of a downer, is this:

    ...for the first time ever, for some reason, Mattel’s engineering team decided not to make the plug-in in the arm match those previously used with characters like Roboto, Trap Jaw, or even Hurricane Hordak. I have no idea why this was done, but it seems like a real missed opportunity because giving Hordak all kinds of weapon choices would have certainly been ideal. I know a question I will be asking at SDCC…
    Why Mattel would do that, when the Hurrican Hordak arm could hold all of the Roboto and Trap Jaw weapons, is disappointing. All of those grey weapons from the weapons packs would have looked good on him.
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      You already know the BS answer, so why even ask? "That was a design choice."
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        A good follow up question would be "why does Mattel Design always make such bad design choices?"

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