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Guessing the additional 2015 Club Eterina's four items...

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  • Shawn
    Isn't NA She-Ra basically confirmed for Club Etheria this year? IDK, too difficult to keep track of speculation, and what is leaked anymore...

    As for the roadmap, it seams fairly obvious to me:
    $42 - Multi-Bot
    $52 - Laser Power He-Man VS Laser Light Skeletor
    $52 -Flying Fist He-Man VS Terror Claw Skeletor
    $26 - Bull Shit Hordak
    $60 - I like the Battle Ram theory. It would feel like an perfect "good journy" thank you item.

    Nightsalker is more likely, that way 2016 can have the lure of Stridor in a rebranded 2016 that i've no doubt will happen. I believe Scott when he says "if the customers keep buying, Mattel will keep making motu".

    I could see Rotar and Twistoid taking the slot of a He-Man VS skeletor two-pack if they want a big name SDCC exclusive next year. The potential to have actual electronic versions of the Laser figures would be AWESOME! It would really make the SDCC version super special if the regular release didn't have them so to meet international guidelines. That feels like a win-win where as the "gleek" like Imp treasure chest just infuriates and already infuriated customers. :bang::twobad:
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  • Mechanizor
    commented on 's reply
    Believe me I wish you're right, but from what TG has been doing, things don't look that bright the way we'd like seeing!

  • Barnster
    commented on 's reply
    I know, but one can still dream.

    If the year-end item isn't a vehicle then the only logical choice seems to be a beast. And in my book, Stridor and Nightstalker are beasts.

    Either way, the $60 item better be awesome.

  • Mechanizor
    commented on 's reply
    I'm not sure if the Laser duo pack is in the multi pack category since they're considered variants, also until now vehicles were out of the sub!

  • Nemisythe
    Multipacks: Rotar & Twistoid / Mermista (or Multibot)
    Variant; Buzzsaw Hordak
    Oversized item: Multibot (or Mermista)
    Year End Item: Probably the Lazer Duo Pack (vehicle sales who dictate this)

    -though I don't know why NA She-Ra is not available, unless she is the sub exclusive!

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  • Barnster
    Multi-Packs @ $52:
    1) Laser Power He-Man/Laser Light Skeletor
    2) Rotar/Twistoid
    Variant @ $26:
    - Flying Fists He-Man
    Oversized Item @ $42:
    - Multi-Bot
    Year-End Item @ $60:
    - back half of the Battle Ram

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  • Novelty
    Multi-bot, Arrow, Buzz-Saw Hordak and erm... Baby Spector. :bang::bang::bang:

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  • Guessing the additional 2015 Club Eterina's four items...

    From Mattel's sub page:

    Subscription Cost:
    The total commitment for 2015 is $570, plus applicable fees/taxes and shipping (varies depending on your location and the shipping method you choose).This includes 12 figures shipped approximately one each month from January 2015 through December 2015 (12 @ $26 = $312), four beasts/variants/multi-packs shipped approximately one each quarter (2 each @ $52, 1 @ $26, 1 @ $42 = $172), one “year-end??? item (1 @ $60), and a $26 membership fee for a total of $570 plus shipping/taxes/fees.
    So if you're subscribing (or not), what do you think they could be?

    - 2 Multi-Packs: Skeletor's Robots/Skeletons, Rotar and Twistoid
    - 1 Variant: Terror Claws Skeletor
    - 1 Multi-Bot
    - 1 Alcala Demon Pack perhaps? (Considering vehicles are normally none sub items)

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