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Grayskull dungeon grate in Imaginext

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  • Grayskull dungeon grate in Imaginext

    So there was no room for the 3D dungeon grate on the $250-$300 Grayskull playset,but whats this link....oh we can use it for a battery cover on a cheap Imaginext toy......

    Check it out.....

    I wan on Facebook and someone (I think it was Adam Bradley Freeman) posted a picture of what looks like the dungeon floor from Castle Grayskull, so I had my wife pick up the toy in question:

    One more example of being screwed over by Toy gollum.

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    Yeah, TG is a cheap screw up ****.


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      and the first response is an excuse. what a load


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        Originally posted by deano_ue View Post
        and the first response is an excuse. what a load
        What did you expect, monkey see monkey do! Most people don't know how to use their brain cells anymore, only to harm or to deceit. Like the tooling for for such a simple piece of plastic could've have blown the budget out of its proportions!


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          Urgh. Stupid apologists. They removed it from the castle to cut down costs and increase the profit margin. Duh! More money for toygurl and gang so that they can keep their jobs. They could have included it in, but that would have reduced the profit margin and increased the complexity do they opted to go without. Remember, they have to put in a lot more work that they were probably paid for to give us this castle... And the more money they could get the buyers to pay, the more they could pay themselves...
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            That has always chapped my ass.
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            Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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              Ugh. That's all that comes to mind.
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