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Mattel screwed up SDCC pre order.

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  • Mattel screwed up SDCC pre order.

    So just read on the org that Mattel, or lets be straight Toy gollum,screwed up the pre order for the Imp chest. Apparently the boxes never arrived, and it was the same for the monster high exclusive jacket...and they say it'll take 30-60 days to find out what happened, really, up to 2 months to find the items and ship them out..mmm..sounds more like you never made enough. Same line, same mistakes, just affected an exclusive this time, eh TG.

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    Pretty cool huh?
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      I'm sure they made plenty and know exactly what happened.
      The delay timeframe is probably thrown out there so they can cover themselves with shipping these out to customers.
      Probably just that their shipment from overseas was delayed, or not enough was sent to the con to cover the orders.
      I say this because it wasn't just MOTUC it was MH too.
      That being said, I'd keep an eye out to see which online retailers offer the Imp Chest for sale, hate for it to be the same situation as the artbook and DCUC Gleek.
      Honestly, while they mess things like this up all the time, I can't picture them stiffing huge numbers of fans on this item, especially after the stink everyone not going to SDCC made about availability.
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        Another Fail!
        Would TG offer some type of compensation for those who got screwed?
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          *waits patiently for The Fwoosh! to start giving Imp boxes to their members*
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            Originally posted by Mechanaizor View Post
            Another Fail!
            Would TG offer some type of compensation for those who go screwed?

            ohh wait you're serious


            • Mechanizor
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              Yeah, that's exactly what I thought! LOL

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            This seems like a pretty big screw up. I would imagine its going to cost Mattel some money to mail out those imp chests. I wonder how many were actually produced for SDCC?
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              I take a week break, as I was really not feeling any MOTUC love after the lukewarm SDCC, come back and see this.

              Man, if I was at SDCC and this happened to me I would hunt down Troll Guru there.
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