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Pixel-Dan's MOTUC Entrapta figure video review

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  • Pixel-Dan's MOTUC Entrapta figure video review

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    Too bad that she suffers from the bobble-head syndrom and somehow loose ankles, otherwise a beautiful figure.


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      Flaws aside, she looks fantastic. Can't wait to get the figure next month.


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        She's ok. Not too thrilled, but not disappointed either. Just kind of meh.
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          Looks good. The Horde emblem is a nice touch, and the Filmation staff looks great with her.
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            Hope the head action is just on that sample.

            Overall great figure although I think something with the bolts on that reused buck (say red color) could've gave the Hordak head a little more, though I see how it kept with the vintage look.

            Although she comes with the Shaping Staff I think it can also help explain how she's able to use her hair as her weapon and the staff gives her more power and ferocity with it. So it may be staying with her display wise or for at least here and there!


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              Is it just me, or is the pink hair just too much for this simplistic design? I would have prefered red tones in her hair to break up the pink.
              When she is all armored up as in the fan art below, she looks quite menacing... But this faithful to the cartoon/toy is just too girly for me.

              Click image for larger version

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                I have been holding out for the Shaping Staff for Shokoti. Currently she holds Orko's wand but needs something bigger.


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