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Did He-Man's Eternian tribe from the mini-comics have a name?

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  • Did He-Man's Eternian tribe from the mini-comics have a name?

    I don't have the original mini-comics, but I was wondering if the barbarian tribe He-Man (aka 'Oo-lar'?) belonged to in the mini-comics had a name? Did the indiviual tribal members have names or was it just a one-shot image by the great late Alfredo Alcala? I think it would be great if Mattel did a multi-pack with the characters although if we are getting to the 'end of the line' not so sure it will happen. :-(

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    It was just referred to as He-Man's tribe, IIRC
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      Probably Toy-Guru would claim it was Oo-Larr-Larr!


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        Originally posted by Battle Ram Man View Post
        It was just referred to as He-Man's tribe, IIRC
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          I like The Jungle Tribe. I would love an "weapons pack" full of heads, animal skins and stone weapons to use with them.

          IIRC, didn't the "Green Tiger tribe" from the bios come from The 200X MV Creations bible, originally as a reference to He-man's not named "Jungle Tribe"?

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        If you go with the retcon in DC (1982) Issue #2, it doesn't have a name, but the chieftain is Ceril. Note that you have to gloss over a fair number of details from "He-Man and the Power Sword" to make the DC version work, but that's par for the course when trying to reconcile any two or more strands of MotU continuity.


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          That guy in page one of He-man and the power Sword who looks like he COULD be leader, bears a resemblance to Ceril...He does look good for his age, probably at least 40. It appears like they have leveled up their technology in the 18+ years since...Which Is why I Don't THINK it's a "retcon"...

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        true, but of all the strands of continuity that require reconciling, I think THIS is the most easiest of them, but as Yoda says "you must UNLEARN what you have learned..."


        "He-Man" destined King of Castle Grayskull, leaves his Jungle Tribe. Fights Skeletor. Dates or marries Teela "the warrior Goddess", THE NEWLY appointed Guardian of Castle Grayskull.

        He-Man is KILLED by Skeletor. (supposition, but would explain why...)

        Skeletor is was able to Clone "The (NOT GREEN!) GODDESS TEELA"! Duncan Adops BABY Teela. (TALE OF TEELA FLASH-BACK)

        "Randor becomes the King OF THE KINGDOM of Eternia not far from Castle Grayskull. Queen Marlena bears Prince Adam...

        18 years later.

        Baby Teela becomes captain of Royal Guard and Prince Adam...

        If the "original he-man" died, then this is just his "reawakening" a previous incarnation!

        The two origins are a mirror of one another. It ALMOST feels planned...
        Jungle He-Man leave his people to explore the world. Adam leave the world to venture into the jungle to be alone with his thoughts. Jungle He-Man encounters a beast attacking The Green Sorceress, Adam fights a green sorcerer defending a jungle tribe of villagers. Jungle he-man fought bear handed and was awarded weapons of power. Adam having weapons of Power...was awarded the "STRENGTH of He-Man!"

        Teela, The warrior (NOT GREEN!) Godess was ALL ABOUT being empowered by the ancestors. That's who Zoar the Fighting Falcon serves. The letter page in the third issue makes reference to the fans' confusion of "Teela warrior" and "Teela (NOT GREEN) Goddess" and how that would be clarified in a LATER story packed in with the next series of toys in 1983. No Mention of Adam in made in those comics, but they are actually CREATED BY BY DC COMICS! No mention of the Jungle tribe as He-Man seamed to LIVE at the palace. The Implication being that BY 1983, the Adam "identity" was abandoned much like in the CURRENT DC comics...

        The justification is literally in the text. It almost writes it self. I've been tempted to actually just write the story my self. How cool would it be to see Skeletor standing over the body of a DEAD He-Man? How cool would it be to see The Green Sorceress pass on her armor and staff to Teela? :-D I'm just not sure what happens to Skeletor. Banished, trapped? Could he actually rule Castle Grayskull during the time in between? That couldn't work would it? Zodac transports him through time? Bah. That would be lazy! ...OOH...I think I figure it out!
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