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    Theres quite a few issues with this line, which most of us already know about. But one thing thats caught my attention is that some collectors' figures, have developed a white fuzz or white film on them over time... Its become very common among older figures. It hasnt even been limited to just MOTUC, but has also happened to some figures in the Ghostbusters movie line, and some early waves of DCUC, specifically Wave 3 - 5...

    Has anyone heard or seen the "white fuzz" thing that Im talking about?

    P.s. I searched the threads about the "white fuzz" topic, before making this one. But I didnt find anything. If it has been made, then please merge my thread with the original thread.

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    From what I've read, it's the mold release agent that over time causes that "white fuzz" to develop. From what I've seen, it's easy to just wipe off. Makes it tricky if the figure is stuck in the box, though. In that case, I've heard leaving it out in the sun will make it go away.


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      Yeah, that is the mold release fungus. The info is out there.
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        Which figures were affected? I'm familiar with it on other Mattel figures of the late 00's, but I never knew which MOTUC ones were supposed to have it.
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          Thank you for the replies guys, I had heard about the mold release. Actually the mold release explanation originated with Neitlich, hes been asked about it before on his website. But since hes such a liar, I just doubt his explanation...since he would say anything to save his own skin. So I thought to ask you guys, to see if you had another reason.

          Ive heard some collectors saying that its the plastic breaking down. If it is that, then this is unacceptable. I still have MOC toys from the 80's and 90's, and their plastics are perfectly fine (no signs of breaking down anywhere). MOTUC has been around for only about 6 years...and should be breaking down soo soon.

          Speaking of Neitlich's lies, its just been announced on MC that the DCUC "Unleashed" Doomsday figure, will be released in Winter. This is revealed after Neitlich lied many times in the ask section, and said that the figure would not be released..."because the DC sub didnt go through"... Im really starting to believe that Neitlich may be a sociopath, since hes such a compulsive liar.

          @_RZ_ The figures that Ive seen so far with the white film/fuzz are:

          1st releases of He-man, Skeletor, Beast Man, Triklops, Teela, Faker, Zodak, Mer-Man, He-Ro, Battle Armor He-man, King Randor, Webstor

          1st Reissue of He-man, Mer-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man, Faker

          GB movie line:

          Ghost trap Winston


          Wave 3 figures
          Wave 4 figures
          Wave 5 figures

          Green Lantern 5-pack

          Those are the ones that I remember.


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            This in an instance where Scott was regurgitating actual truth from someone else. An attempt at a more eco-friendly, and cheaper, mold release led to the white fuzz.

            No one knows the long term affects on the plastic and paint - but so far it doesn't seem catastrophic - just cosmetic.

            This symptom really affects the MOC and MISB collectors. The best remedy seems to be using a hair dryer to dissipate it through the air holes.

            This is an instance of unforeseen circumstances and Mint in Box collectors colliding.

            “Anything is a dildo, if you're brave enough"
            Thomas Jefferson

            Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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              Thanks for the advice. I really hope that its just that mold release stuff, and not the plastics breaking down already.

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            I keep my collection in high-grade acid-free plastic archive baggies... should I poke holes in the bags?
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              All you can do is experiment. But you have to take sunlight, lighting (LED not fluorescent) humidity and temperature.

              Another little known factor are SILVERFISH. They actually eat glue. I saw firsthand what these did to a friends GI JOE MOC figures, they ate the glue connecting the plastic bubbles to the cardboard, luckily they were not super valuable.

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