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​Masters of the Universe 2.0 Collection

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  • _RZ_
    I'd totally buy reissues on vintage cards, or even something like full-kit He-Man, with all the alternate things like Alcala head, Filmation Power Sword, etc. I'd even like something like a minicomic Trap Jaw or a Roboto with all the different sets of attachements that fit him. Teela and Roboto are definitely top of my list for something like this.

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  • Novelty
    Hmm... Good question. I'm not sure what I will buy. Fisto, Whiplash, Optikk are still high on my list...

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  • He-man121
    HELL stated above i have also had enough of this line dealing with Mattel/Matty,enough of the DR nonsense,and more than enough of Scott's crap.

    At one point i would have collected another Motu line in smaller scale(not mini's) but not now,i'll stick with finishing off my vintage collection,which is a shame because when the motuc line started it was really good we were getting articulated motu figures,with great detail but the figures have not stood the test of time unfortunately.Can't see much of them lasting thirty odd years.

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  • Mechanizor
    I would only buy some of the corrected versions if the price is reasonable enough.
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  • Crespo
    For the sake of the Exercise I'll play:
    I'll do 13 figures why? Because I can.

    He-Man: Same old He-Man, New Forearms (that can use The NA He-Man hand)
    New Alcalá Sword, Shield and the Actual Vintage Ax with the grooved handle.
    Why? A Classic He-Man that can do the I HAVE THE POWER pose, also the Mini Comic weapons are for He-Man and you can pop in the nifty Alcalá head on him to make a Mini comic He-Man.

    Skeletor: Same Old Skeletor (Head in Filmation color) but with Oo-Larr Forearms, He-Ro Greaves, Demo-Man feet, Keldor Cape in Skeletor colors with a "200X colors staff and Purple Alcalá style sword.) give him a Melty face Keldor head.
    Why? Because I want a Skeletor that can be made into other versions of Skeletor. Pop the Alcalá head from D-Man on him and make a Mini comic Accurate Skeletor. Pop the Faceless One's boots on him and have a reasonable facsimile to Filmation Skeletor. The cape and Staff are nods to the 200X Skeletor that we may never get. Mix and match and stuff. the melty face for Keldor as a second head helps sell him as a nod to the Keldor-to-Skeletor 200x exclusive toy.

    New 2.0 Buck usage for her. So, new dress. Have her head be blonde like the Mini Comic.
    why? Teela is a pain in the neck to find. She's also core enough.

    Evil Lyn: 200X look
    Why? BaGEL was a wasted Slot and I want an Evil Lyn that doesn't use hand me downs from Teela. Also, an Evil Lyn figure in the 2.0 buck would be a blessing!

    Pretty much same old Roboto with corrected shoulders, new left hand that can be removable like HP and a new second 200X head and armor
    Why? reversed Shoulders, brittle torso come to mind.

    Same old Sorceress with normal Teela thighs and a new wing system without Dem Drums.

    Same old TK, but with the New Forearms from the He-Man mentioned above.
    Why? Tri-Klops is supposed to be a badass swordsman. The extra articulation would benefit him. Also he's a bit of a pain to find.

    Trap Jaw:
    Same old TJ, but with the new Flogg boots that have super tight ankles. Perhaps Different attachments (not going to say 200X, but I'd love 200X Attachments.) Maybe brighter blues for TJ's Skin

    Same Ol' Fisto but with a new Full Armor and no 200X accessories. The hair could be a bit more reddish. Perhaps use the Vintage He-Man left Bracer on Fisto.
    why? Fisto is scarce as heck! Also, people want a more Vintage-Looking Fisto and the 200X sheath doesn't help.

    Basically, Same old Beastman, with slightly brighter colors but with Carnivus' right hand. (also, removable 200X inspired leg armor)
    Why? He's core ans a pain in the neck to find.

    Prince Adam:
    Reuse the New forearms I mention for He-Man, New Vest with a sheath for a sword. A new Cringer in the scared pose from Filmation. One Tone Silver sword from Flogg.
    Why? Adam on a Single Card with Cringer. Also, the new forearms to hold the sword aloft.

    Green Goddess:
    Reuse of the Teela mentioned above with a new Loincloth. Made with GITD Green Plastic because why not!?

    Who is the Thirteenth Figure?
    Wun-Dar: The infamous Wonderbread He-Man.
    Same formula from He-Man with the Zodac Armor, Gun, Repainted Zodac Head for him, New Head for him that makes him look Different enough from He-Man. Grayskull Weapons in Red as per the rumor.

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  • JimPansen
    Hell yeah i need 2.0 versions of Teela, He-Man, Sorceress,Evil-Lyn,Roboto, King Hiss, Fisto, Jitzu and Clamp Champ etc.(damn maybe more!)
    But several design flaws should be corrected and some stuff should get an updated look.
    Boxed vintage style, without any bio, would be very appreciated.
    A new Brandmanager would be very welcome too, as it would probably make it possible for Emiliano to work with the 4Horsemen again and the figures produced could only benefit from that.
    6 figures a year and day of sale( if they make enough available) would be what i prefer.

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  • Draego-Man
    No thanks. After the sub ends, I'm done with this god forsaken company.

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  • Battle Ram Man
    I'd buy a color corrected Beast Man

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  • Guest
    Guest started a topic ​Masters of the Universe 2.0 Collection

    ​Masters of the Universe 2.0 Collection

    Lets say that Mattel decided to release 2.0 versions, of every "vintage" character that they have already released (and will release) in MOTUC.... But instead they now were to release them in the red brick packaging (of the original MOTU figures), and the 2.0 figures would now be "corrected" versions- of whatever was wrong with the first releases (IE like She-ra, goddess, Roboto).

    Would you be willing to buy 2.0 versions of MOTUC of any figures, that you have already bought?

    If you would buy them again, why would you buy them and which character/s would you re-buy?

    Also would Neitlich being a part of the brand, or not being a part of it- influence your decision to buy or not buy?

    Would you prefer that this line be a day of sale only, or for it to be a sub only?
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