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  • Nitpick your favorite figures

    Wherein we nitpick small details of figures we really love.

    One of my favorite figures is Mer-Man. The 8-back head was perfectly executed, the body and shading and armor and sword are all perfect. One nit pick about the vintage toy head:

    For some reason the 4HM made his head fin things look even more like ears than on the original toy. Note the very soft detail around the outer edges of the "ears". They looked more like fins on the vintage toy:

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    Maybe because they had in mine that the head would be used for Stinkor, which the 'fins' were apparently ears in that figure.


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      Blade is my favourite figure in the line. My only nitpick with him is the swords are way too big, and that he came with mix-matched swords.
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        My favorite figure is Fisto, I love all the display options we got with this figure. 200X, vintage or hybrid, it is all there.

        My only nitpick with him is, he came without Stridor....


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          One of my many favorite figures is Fisto. Only small issue I have with him. His bigger sword is not making him have perfect balance when he holding it blade to up and small hole in back of armor.
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            Fisto is my favourite figure by far. My only nitpick is the sword holder, and that his back is exposed when he isn't carrying the sword. I wish they had painted his back silver, but that is a small nitpick for such as awesome figure

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              As Fisto was always my favorite Character, i would love to see a new head on him. I know i did one myself, but i want a massproduced product from Mattel, preferably sculpted by Eric Treadaway!


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                I wish my Mossman smelled like his vintage counterpart. Scott apparently got the recipe for his smell, but didn't recreate it exactly for some lame excuse. In an ideal world, they would have given off the same scent.
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                  I actually think all of the figures are of a much lower quality than I was anticipating. To be totally honest I was profoundly disappointed when I bought my first figure (Mer-Man). I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't what I received. He felt cheap, light weight, and junky in my hand. I guess I got over it though as I'm not a completist and have every single figure except the super exclusives (Spirit of Grayskull, Silver She-Ra) and Bronze Grayskull (which I want to buy, so if you have one for sale, send me a PM!).
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                    One of my all time favorite figures is Man-E-Faces, however I wish that he had better and tighter joints, and also a better alternate third face on the second head other than Orko, something like Beastman.


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                      These are some of mine.

                      He-man - eyes look too beedy, and face looks tame (not a true vinatge head look). Lack of NA wrist joint for sword lifting pose.

                      Keldor - the wrist bands are not removable, and the purple is darker than his Skeletor armor. So unable to make Filmation Skeletor. Missing an alternate "acid" head.

                      Sea Hawk - bulky torso due to armor, it makes him look like he swallowed a cement mixer.

                      Bow - head piece and cape not removable, and his armor could have been more Filmation. And it should have included Emeliano Santalucia's alternate gold armor.

                      Frosta - reversed limbs.

                      Cringer - not posable or to scale.

                      Tri-Klops - the white crap that comes out.

                      Beast Man - could be taller.

                      Panthor - not flocked.

                      Swift Wind - no plugs to convert to Spirit.

                      Griffin - not to scale.

                      Man E Faces - eyes not white, and eyes not wide enough.

                      BG Teela - face looks slightly masculine

                      Mekaneck - goggles slightly away from eyes.

                      Sorceress - the stupid drums in the back, and she cant use her arms without wings being in the way.

                      Teela - needs a neck brace.

                      Prince Adam - alternate head looks slightly weird.

                      Filmation Hordak - NO FILMATION HEAD!

                      Vikor - helmet is not removable.

                      Mantenna - no alternate Filmation mouth.

                      Ram Man - Steven Seagal eyes.

                      Webstor - the white crap that comes out.

                      Trap Jaw - purple red slightly off.

                      Adora - diaper crotch.

                      Nepthu - doesnt look menacing, black eye-liner shading missing.

                      Count Marzo - no alternate left hand.

                      BG Evil-Lyn - costume sculpt not a true 2002 repesentation.

                      Orko - red is a little dark.

                      Castaspella - skin tone on face, slightly off from rest of the body.

                      Hydron - No removable mask, to reveal face.
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                        Spikor - googly eyes and wish his head was bigger like the vintage

                        Blade - I wish we got the vintage toy head. While I like the MOTUC version, the vintage version looked more bad ass

                        Frosta - correct her face


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                          I don't really have any nits to pick, except maybe the weak ankles in He-Man and Faker. Those two are some of my favorites and the floppy ankles really kills the fun of them sometimes when you pose them.

                          Maybe the missing paint on Blade and Mekaneck?
                          Fisto's sword-holder armor?
                          Spikor's paint being easy to scratch off?

                          I think for the most part the figures have been really nice quality, with little to no issues, with just a few glaring exceptions.
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                            Teela is a beautiful figure, but IMO it was a mistake to give her brown boots and armor. In the vast majority of instances (mini comics, story books, product art) she is depicted with red armor. Even the early prototype has her with red armor (but a gold staff). The brown armor should have appeared in a weapons pack, and the red armor (and shield, and boots ) should have been included with Teela.
                            Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.



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                              Wun-Dar--- Cool looking figure, but the loose ankles make it difficult for him to stand.
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                                I love my Count Marzo, even moreso in light of the fact that I thought I'd never get him in plastic...but his head is just a bit big. By which I mean HUGE compared to other male figures in the line.
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                                  Skeletor - should've had he-man trunks w/ his loincloth removable (like vintage)
                                  Scareglow - an all GITD scythe
                                  Faker - no magenta armor
                                  Spikor & Jitsu - vintage heads please
                                  Rock people - prototype please..& more accuracy
                                  Extendar - the belt & boots more accurately

                                  Also I think everyone should've had removable hands for easy swapping
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                                    MOTUC figures in general:
                                    -Lack of Wrist Hinge. (waiting until NA He-Man to have a Sword Aloft hand without recurring to third party customs is ridiculous) or Interchangeable hands (Been a bit spoiled by Japanese imports and some of Hasbro's figures)
                                    -Loose Ankles: (Adam, He-Man, Skeletor, most of the figures with Trap Jaw's boots)

                                    Now for specific issues with characters up to September 2014: (Not counting the TRU sets, or their roles in the MOTUC Canon) Mini sub Characters will have a separate list
                                    -He-Man: Lack of sword aloft hand.
                                    -Beastman: Weak Knees.
                                    -Stratos: Too bare bones figure. Not a fan of the Vintage Sock Feet, but I get why he has them. Wings glued on incorrectly.
                                    -Zodac: Too bare bones figure.
                                    -Goddess: Exploding Crotch.
                                    -Zodak: Lack of Second unhelmeted Head. Sorta corrected with Strobo.
                                    -Webstor: Gummy gun and Grappling hook.
                                    -Adora: Crotch Flap
                                    -BA He-Man: Lack of Power Sword.
                                    -Trap Jaw: Loose ankles.
                                    -Tytus: too puny, too underarticulated and accessory doesn't work like the vintage toy.
                                    -She-Ra: Skirt limiting movement, Holey head.
                                    -Optikk: Mattel missed opportunity to make Optikk's thighs be based on Blast Attack's (More accurate to the Optikk toy, also would have teased us with Blast Attack)
                                    -Keldor: Lack of Acid Burn head, Lack of his true weapons. Sorta Corrected through a weapons pack.
                                    -Orko/Adam pack: Lack of Holster for Adam's sword, loose Ankles.
                                    -Mo-Larr/Skeletor Pack: Paint flaking off Mo-Larr's accessories.
                                    -Whiplash: 200X Weapon falls off easily.
                                    -Roboto: Shoulders, Cracking Torso.
                                    -Grizzlor: Cutting the Second head.
                                    -Buzz-Off: cutting the Second head.
                                    -Santa Grayskull: Flocking on the cape. Had to deflock the cape on him because the cape came stained from the factory.
                                    -Palace Guards: Non-Human heads. They make no sense with the human bodies.
                                    -Preternia He-Man:Rigid Lower Tunic
                                    -King Hiss: Snake Form was underwhelming. Figure pops off too easily, reversed shoulders.
                                    -BA Skeletor: No Power Sword, waist gets stuck.
                                    -Sy-Klone: Useless dial.
                                    -Catra: Gummy left hand and sword, fail-whip.
                                    -Faceless one: Face. No full skirt.
                                    - BGTeela: Thighs with less articulation. Mine came with a bent bra.
                                    -Clawful: Muppet face. Sorta fixed by repainting his eyebrows in darker red.
                                    -Marlena/Cringer pack: Statue Cringer,Marlena's dead eyes.
                                    -Man-E-faces: Loose ankles.
                                    -Megator: See Tytus.
                                    -Hurri Hordak: Flaky Vac Metal, Useless Dial
                                    -Snout Spout: Crappy material used for Trunk. not taking nods from the mini comic or the staction for the face. (Sorta fixed by Third party.)
                                    -Swift Wind: wing tabs breaking, the reversed feet issue, lack of foresight by Mattel to include pieces to make Spirit as well.
                                    -BG Evil Lyn: Mattel missed the point here. 200X Evil Lyn should not reuse Teela's dress.
                                    -Star Sisters:Tallstar's head falls off too much. Reduced thigh Articulation on all 3 sisters. Jewelstar being pink instead of red like the prototype. Tallstar is not that tall after adding extensions.
                                    -Sorceress: Dem Drums. BG Teela thighs
                                    -Fisto: Torso should have had a painted undershirt to mask the hole in back due to holster.
                                    -Shadow Weaver: Being a Sub Exclusive. (While I was able to obtain one through a contest, I know if she had been available, I would have bought 2 or 3 to army build.)
                                    -TP He-Man: Vac Metal flaked off from shield.
                                    -Stinkor: Reversed forearms
                                    -Slushhead: Design screwed him up in the tentacles and head.
                                    -Horde Prime, missing Scepter.lack of paint applications.
                                    -SMAA: Lack of accessories. (Partially solved by Weapons pack 1)
                                    -Spikor: Black plastic.
                                    -Vykron: Black Plastic, Tank Top legs could have used a back piece. That Space Ace Diaper is a pain in the neck to put on!
                                    -Snakemen: Black Plastic, Lack of accessories.
                                    -DB Skeletor: Chain is too short, black plastic.
                                    -Mekaneck: Black plastic
                                    -Frosta: Reversed limbs, grey snow, weird crack ho' chipmunk face
                                    -Rattlor: Black Plastic, lack of 200X Armor (Sorta solved by Weapons pack and Third Party)
                                    -Dekker: Lack of slits on Skirt block Articulation
                                    -BK Randor: No bicep swivel, No slits on skirt to allow articulation.
                                    -Mosquitor: Gummy hands
                                    -Procrustus: While he has a bit more articulation than tytus and megator, he is still puny.
                                    -Netossa: lack of weapons and Headdress.
                                    -Jitsu, lack of 200X Belt and a more vintage second head. (Belt issue kinda solved by Ninjor. Hopefully Third party casters will make more Jitsu belts)
                                    -King He-Man: Figure's design is too busy filled with Insignias everywhere and nods to other characters. Doesn't Read He-Man or Adam.
                                    -Strobo: No weapon.
                                    -Snake Face: Fat armor
                                    -Karatti: Can't hold his weapons due to the left hand.
                                    -Octavia: Originator of the smashed left hand. tentacles lack articulation.
                                    -Clamp Champ: Big Clamp feels like it was a 3D printed custom piece and not a Mattel made piece.
                                    -Rock People: Clunky rock mode. Rock pieces hinder all articulation.
                                    -Sky High: Having to get multiples of him to get multiple Sky Sleds.
                                    -Horde Troopers: Mattel made too few of them.
                                    -Geldor: Can't hold Glass of water without Warping Hand.
                                    -Plundor: It exists.
                                    -Spirit of Hordak: Lack of accessories. Seriously, a little translucent Horde bat shield thing would have been awesome. Gummy hands.
                                    -Standor: Lack of accessories.
                                    -Two-Bad: Lack of paint applications and no Day of Sale.
                                    -Glimmer: Crotch flap, Stupid Marble.
                                    -Hydron: Fat Armor, lack of second head without rebreather, SCUBA tank hose when plugged correctly nearly covers his eyes.
                                    -UNO: Don't see the value in him. Too expensive for a slightly taller than Orko character.
                                    -Kowl/Loo-Kee pack: Too expensive for what it is.
                                    -Blade: Lack of paint applications, fat armor, "Movie sword" in wrong colors and a hand warping fat hilt. Toy sword too darn long.
                                    -Extendar: Had to reglue the loincloth on mine. Botched belt design, his removable limbs do not work with other characters.
                                    -Failmation Hordak: NOT Filmation enough. No Imp transformations, No compatibility with other pieces like Hurricane Hordak's thunderball mace.
                                    -NA Skeletor: Reversed Shoulders, Fat Armor, gummy hands.
                                    -Rio Blast: Fat Armor, bad design for the guns to attach.

                                    -Castle Grayskull: Too small for MOTU Classics Figures. IT's closer to 200X Scale than MOTUC Scale.

                                    Mini Sub folks:
                                    -Photog: Cracking Lens.
                                    -Draego-Man: Lack of Accessories (Solved by Weapons pack)
                                    -The Mighty Spector: Lack of Accessories, not so great design. Lack of an unmasked head. (It breaks the Deadpool Knock-Off look)
                                    -Sir-Loser-Lot: Uninspired Design.
                                    -Cy-Chop: Feels like a mismash of parts. One Part Destro, One part Bull, One Part X-Men's Beast, One Part Edward Scissor hands and One Part Mutagen Man.
                                    -Castle Grayskullman: Joints too stiff and Mattel missed an opportunity of making his head and hair translucent and painting most of the face except the eyes, mouth and hair in order to give him a bad ass Power Light up feature when Light hits the back of his head.
                                    -Icer: Flaking Wand of Avion
                                    -Batros: Needs books!
                                    -Shokoti: Lack of stand for Darkling.
                                    -Sea Hawk: Fat Armor, Lack of Scabbard and Second Hilt without the sword turned un. (Scabbard and sword issue fixed by Third Party)
                                    -Nepthu: It exists. Seriously, You have Shokoti in the Sub and you don't include Masque!?
                                    -Double Chin: Need I say more?
                                    -Entrapta: See Octavia's hand.
                                    -Madame Razz: I don't see the $25 value in her.

                                    While there are a lot of issues, I've enjoyed the line DESPITE Mattel's boneheaded moves and Digital River, well being Digital River.
                                    I ♥ Glimmer!


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                                      Now updating October and November 2014:
                                      -Eldor: Monkey mouth, Staff too gummy it warps like crazy.
                                      -Tunglashor: Lack of Ankle Rockers.
                                      -Arrow: For some reason, BOW *(who is supposed to ride Arrow) can't ride him well. Feet do not fit on stirrups unless put on an exaggerated pose. Vintage wings are pointless for the Filmation look.

                                      -Sweet Bee: Looks more like an underage cosplayer than Sweet Bee (Glimmer is supposed to be the Rebellion's jailbait) Horrible paint on her Butt-Gun, inability to move her head due to the wings getting in the way.
                                      -Light Hope:The figure looks awesome, but it's not light hope. This is more Odin-like than Light Hope-like. I accept him more as Crystal Castle Man.
                                      -NA She-Ra: Helmet not centered. Reduced Articulation due to skirt. Visor falls off easily.

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                                    I love the Catra figure, but mine looks like she has scoliosis, arthritis in her left hand, is knock-kneed and has a mangled sword. My Bubble Power She-Ra sword is even more mangled and it's not even displayable, it looks so bad. My biggest complaint, then, would be the weapons that have all the rigidity of a soap bubble. Honestly, the weapons that came with the original line back in the '80s were made of much sterner stuff. And those were toys for kids. The "adult collectables" come with weapons would probably bend under their own weight if displayed long enough.
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                                      Castle Grayskullman - a fun figure, but he would have been more awesome if he had been a lighter green. Compare to the actual Castle he sometimes looks almost black

                                      Vikor - a lighter, more flexible fur cape would have been great. He has a tendency to fall backwards. Regarding boots - I appreciate the attempt to make tighter ankle joints, but posability has really gone down in that area. The ratchet joint doesn't allow small adjustments to the angle of the foot.

                                      Goddess - ignoring the major issue of the weak pelvis, I would have like to have seen a more comic-accurate outfit (ie no hanging leaf design).

                                      Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.



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                                        For me, it's got to be he-man, I got Skeletor first after the Toyfair mag article back in the beginning , and was hooked, but when I got He-man for some reason I didn't love him as much, after studying him I realized it's the torso and neck , the vintage one looked thick and powerful with a massive neck , our modern version looks more like a super hero ,

                                        I think his 'Traps' need to be bigger and he needs a thicker more densely muscled torso, that and a vintage inspired head ( wich we have coming )


                                        • Battle Ram Man
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                                          Good points. It would be nice if he were just a bit beefier. I mean, all MOTU dudes are beefy, but He-Man should be beefier still

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                                        Yeah also Ramman, great figure one of my favourites , but I would have loved it if it had the helmet like the vintage toy


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                                          Is it OK if I add another nit... about a playset?

                                          Castle Grayskull's second floor drooping over time.
                                          I'm overall very happy with my purchase of CG- I have a lot of toys on display, but Grayskull is always every guest to my home's favorite part of my collection, and it proudly stands in the corner of my living room, the skull face staring down all who dare sit on my sofa.

                                          But now that it's been in my house for almost a year, I've noticed that the second floor seems to droop over time with figures displayed on them. The weight of multiple figures seems to make the floors wilt over time. If you change the figures out all the time, maybe this doesn't happen for you. But I had a completely-full castle on display without touching it for three months, and now the second floor is wilting and warped. It sucks!

                                          Maybe I went overboard with figures, I had maybe 4 or five on each side of the second floor, for months, without touching them, or applying extra pressure to the floors. And all that weight made it droop. It was really disappointing to dust my castle this fall, and see how the second floor now kind of sits at an angle. When they showed the prototype, I was wondering how the second and third floors would support the weight of more than one or two MOTUC figures, and now I sadly see my fears were warranted... It's not really all *that* bad unless you get up close... but it does limit my display space quite a bit more than I had planned originally.
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                                            Hmmm I would prop the floor up with something of the right size, maybe cut a length of wood, then hair dry it till the plastic is warm , then leave it to cool, that should straighten it out ;-)


                                            • _RZ_
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                                              Yes! Thank you for your advice! My thoughts too! It's not bad enough to warrant hair dryer action yet I don't think, but those floors need some extra support over the long haul.

                                              Been searching the last few days for wood with the right thickness/appearance to make some support columns- I thought maybe I'd cut them to length, glue some y-shaped struts for extra strength, put some little tiny craft hooks on there to attach some LED lamps for lighting, and stain the columns a color that matches the floor colors. The trick is finding wood the right size & shape so I don't have to cut so much.

                                              I wonder if I'm the only one out there with this problem.
                                              I'll start a thread in the customs section in a while to show everyone what I'm talking about and share what I do to fix it.

                                            • Battle Ram Man
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                                              I don't have much of a problem with that, but I rarely display the castle's inside, and so it doesn't have any extra weight on the floors.

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                                            Battle Ram: By far, my favorite MOTU vehicle, and one of my top 10 favorite items of the line. Slight nitpick - I wish the screw holes on the vehicle's right side were better hidden. The rear tray could also look more finished. Other than that, couldn't be happier with it.
                                            Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.



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