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    Originally posted by Mechanaizor View Post
    Well, that depends... If the psychotherapist you mention is twisted like TG is, she could show him more ways on how to be even more manipulative with his deeds. After all, greed has no limits.
    Haha you make a very good point, I didnt put it together until now. Another similarity is that just as most shrinks, Neitlich makes hundreds of dollars (hourly) by just sitting on his ass, pretending to listen to his customers and pretending to care about them... If the said shrink is as screwy as he (or "they" since hes starting to crack), I now see how he got better at his manipulative and lying nature.

    Im also starting to think that his live-in psychotherapist may also be going down the "Freud" route, and prescribing Neitlich some nose candy... That would definitely explain all of his fidgety, nervous appearances, and unstable behaviors.


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