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Which MOTUC figure do you want to see re-released?

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  • Which MOTUC figure do you want to see re-released?

    If they were to re-release just ONE of the MOTUC figures from the toyline, which one would you want to see re-released?

    For me I want Fisto. I already have 2 of him, but I think he's great for custom fodder. I got a spare Clamp Champ for customs but that big ugly button on the back just spoilt it (as custom fodder) for me.

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    I would like to see The Green Goddess re-released. I was really excited for her , when she was announced. When I got her, the rumors about her had already started to spread. I was very careful opening her but she still fell apart in my hands. I got a replacement but I have been afraid to open her


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      With all the different display options available, it has to be Teela.

      If they would re-release ONE MOTUC large-scale set, it´s gotta be the Horde Troopers


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        Fang-Man, because duh!
        I would still buy the infamous Stick-Man in all other lines but Classics


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          So many to choose from, personally for me it'd have to be Beast Man only cos I cant seem to find one for a reasonable amount.


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            Originally posted by DJ Force View Post
            With all the different display options available, it has to be Teela. If they would re-release ONE MOTUC large-scale set, it´s gotta be the Horde Troopers
            I have to agree with this statement by DJ. I need a loose minty complete Teela. And I'm not going to start opening my MOC collection or pay MOC vintage prices for her on eBay. I just want to have the original 8 loose & complete now. I'd probably even be happy with a Filmation Teela.


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              King Hssss needs a new snake torso! The one we have looks awful!


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                Shadow Weaver price are ****ing crazy!
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                  Shadow Weaver please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                    Fisto for me, as he was the one figure still missing from my collection.
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                      Man, this is a tough one. Well, even though I have a Shadow Weaver, she is constantly selling for $120-$150. Fisto sells for the most next at $80-130 and Teela - even after the recent glut of "found" stock being sold on EBAY - is back up to $90-120. Whiplash is now going from $60-$100 - someone is hording stock - BAD!

                      I would have to say the Horde Troopers. You can make the most customs out of this figure so far with simple head swaps and paint. Horde Trooper He-man undercover, Horde Trooper Hordak, Sundar. Then there are the Red and Black Horde Troopers. Plus - people want to army build.

                      For the community -Shadow Weaver. For me, personally - the Horde troopers.
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                      Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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                        I have every figure I really have to have including finally a second Teela from the Cyber Monday sale to stay MOSC in place of my factory defective one I bought back at the Black Friday 2011 sale....the peg hole in her left arm was too big and kept wanting to come off, bugged me for all those years, the MOSC one is corrected with a bigger peg. So, that all said, the only one I would love to see rereleased as a variant, or to subscibers or something is....

                        Shadow Weaver

                        I had to sell mine and I have missed her ever since, and it's not like I'm able to drop $200 or so on her to get her back, if I had that lying around I wouldn't have had to sell her.


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                          For me, I'd want Teela reissued so I can display both looks (but according to Scott, since I already have one I don't NEED another of a figure to do that...), but I think in all fairness the one figure who deserves a reissue is Fisto simply because of all the subbers who never did receive their 'guaranteed' Fistos.


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                            Man, this is tough. So many errors they have to fix. My vote is for Roboto. That should've been done right the first time. But I want one with correct shoulders so I don't have to worry about the torso getting cracks.


                            • Captain Atkin
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                              Fixed shoulders, and a stronger plastic would most certainly have to be used if they re-released Roboto.

                            • Novelty
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                              They did fix the plastic on the latter releases... more rubbery and less prone to break. If they could fix Roboto and release him again it would be sweet.

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                            Roboto is my vote too.


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                              Definitely Teela. She has eluded me ever since the line began. She is my white whale.


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                                For personal reasons? Scare Glow; I had so much fun with that character in fanfic, even if I wasn't keeping to 'canon' ...

                                On the broader scale, if Mattel decides to shift the line to an 'evergreen' one to milk nostalgia for the long term, my rule would be that any character from the BCI DVD covers (including the Best of collections and spine illustrations) should be made available. He-Ro, King Grayskull and King Hiss should also be up for consideration. This, however, is completely wishful thinking.


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                                  None really, I have them all except the super rare ones.

                                  Maybe Spirit of Grayskull, Bronze King Grayskull, and Silver She-Ra.
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                                    Roboto, since they screwed him up the first time.
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                                      A straight re-release without changes? I don't need any personally, but for the sake of other collectors I would say one of these:

                                      1. Fisto - since even some subscribers never got their "guaranteed" figures.

                                      2. The Sorceress - as she is so hard to come by.

                                      3. Teela - as secondary prices are effing leotarded.

                                      4. Shadow Weaver - as she should never have been made an exclusive to begin with.

                                      Now, if we are talking a re-release with improvements/additions to the original, that's a lot longer list.
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                                      • Dark Angel
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                                        Oh, and Horde Troopers, of course. Derp. That was such a stunning level of fail that I tend to block it out.

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                                      Dark Angel, you seem to have hit the nail on the head with the 5 most requested re-releases. Now, how can we get this message to Mattel? I'd much rather have one of these than a cheap repaint like, well, you know who I'm talking about.
                                      “Censorship always defeats it own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion." ― Henry Steele Commager


                                      • Dark Angel
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                                        There is no getting the message to Mattel or the current brand manager. They listen only selectively and broadly interpret what little they do hear to suit their own desires.

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                                      Either Goddess or Roboto
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                                        While I have a complete collection thus far, there are a few that deserved to be reissued.

                                        I'd probably pick Goddess as the one in my case given her tendency to explode. *Knock on Wood* my original Goddess that I opened back when she first came out seems to be holding up okay, but I'm very careful and nervous for obvious reasons. I do have a spare one that is still MOC. Early on in the line I was buying two of each figure to keep one MOC, but gave that up as the line kept expanding. But I hung onto a few of the MOC figures, with her being one of them specifically for this reason.

                                        I would say that most any figure with reverse shoulders or some kind of error/defect (Roboto being a double wammy given his reverse shoulders and tendency to crack) deserve reissues. And I agree on Fisto and the Sorceress given that some subscribers didn't even get there's.

                                        Also Horde Troopers would be an obvious one (see my avatar) . They really under estimated the demand for those. While I did get some when first released, I'd buy more if made available.
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                                          We need a replacement in our collections for the Goddess figure we already received. Polls have shown that roughly a third of the Goddess figures already opened have damaged hips, necks and other parts as the result of a manufacturing error. The redesigned Goddess figure would give us a non-translucent version with a stylish snake staff, cape, and non-articulated abs. The figure could be designed in a way that we can easily swap the parts from our existing Goddess figure onto the new one to display her in classic mini comic form or with the new DC 52 look.


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                                            Shadoweaver was an exclusive. You will never get her again, because ToyScrewYou decided to make a core demanded character sub only.

                                            To even suggest wanting one is to inspire vitriol and disgust from the fan base who subscribed, because anyone that did is infinitely more important than anyone that did not.

                                            You will never get Shadoweaver because you didn't sub because you don't deserve it, and how dare you want to hurt the feelings of the honest, loyal, subscribers. You should all be given infractions and banned for trying to incite a riot.

                                            "Oh, but you subbed and didn't get your Fisto you were promised? Oh, oh well, um, err... I was on TV once!"
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