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MOTU Minis Zodac vs Beastman Figures Video Review

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  • MOTU Minis Zodac vs Beastman Figures Video Review

    Video review from Pixel Dan on the MOTU Minis Zodac vs Beastman figures.

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    I still don't get the appeal of these things. These are truly toys meant for kids, and yet they are marketed to adult collectors. I have no interest in these at all.
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      Me neither. Total crap figures.
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        i hope these things fail as bad as the giants. how long until they are all at big lots?


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          SAD because with the mini game that was available to the phones and pads, this could've been sent to retail market and begun the interest with the younger and new audience, but this is Mattel for ya! I like them, but am not paying they crazy shipping and taxes for them.


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            I think they are cute, but WAY overpriced for what you get!... Neitlich and his dumb marketing strategies!


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              Playing devil's advocate of Mattel's thinking:

              Parents are buying these to be played with alongside their children. Mattel thinks they can get more $$$ from these parents online then at retail. Since it's continuing, and at a HIGHER price (Snake Mountain dio being sold separately via sub, without a price reduction) it seams to be working. There are just enough people buying these at this extremely high price, that the business strategy is working. Those of us that would buy these at $5-$10 each or $15 for 2 don't matter to Mattel because we are more loud then we are numerious. Thous that are numerious are the ones willing to pay $30+ for these
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