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HYDRON is soooooo awesome!

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  • HYDRON is soooooo awesome!

    That I was able to finally move one for $6.00.

    Why didn't I Sub for 2015 again?

    So, what were you able to get for your Hydrons? Money or trade wise? Just curious. If I don't laugh, I'll cry. Well, not really, but it sucks this figure holds it's value like a Hyundai being driven off the lot.
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    Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.

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    I got a tri-lops in trade?
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      The fat armor was a major fail. I ended up ditching the armor, and gave him a pair of silver Flipshot/Icarus boots. I like him fine now as he looks more like a space man.
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        Design simply dropped the ball with Hydron. the tabs could have been cleverly implemented with the hoses on his back, but nooooo!! The Super Talented Ruben loves putting the thickest part of the Armor right on the sides! Then the Diving Helmet has the peg for the hose too darn high, so it looks like Hydron is diving blind thanks to the hose blocking his vision. I like the character, but the figure leaves a lot to be desired.
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          And to think that - during the last sub drive - some people at the .Org actually tried to convince others that buying multiple subs would be ok since people could sell their extra figures on Ebay. What a bunch of losers, trying to deceive their fellow fans just to satisfy their selfish addiction to plastic MOTU toys. I believe that the loss in value for the 2015 figures is going to be even more pronounced, which will result in more garbage flooding the market.

          2014 showed how MOTUC was only successful due to a false sense of demand and scarcity. Not only that but the design team really went out of their way to botch the majority of figures... and to me that's pathetic.
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          • Mechanizor
            Mechanizor commented
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            You speak the truth brother... 2014 is probably my worst MOTUC year thus far, too much carelessness and too many butchered figures. I'm seriously thinking now to cancel my 2015 sub after march, and cherry pick the rest from the secondary market.

          • teemu81
            teemu81 commented
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            yeah,trying to get rid of unwanted 2015 figures is going to be a pain in the ass...

          • barrasco
            barrasco commented
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            The only figures I bought in 2014 were Modulok and Scorpia... and I almost lost money when I decided to sell them, which is ridiculous considering that I'm in Europe.

            Mark my words, anyone who's thinking about making money in 2015 is going to have a rude awakening.

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          I like Hydron . Then again, I don't have any extras I'm trying to unload. That being said, it's getting a little old...


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            Hydron is a frustrating figure. The "buck" looks good, but the armor is terrible. He also should have come with 2 heads and removeable fins on his feet. Icarius was jam packed with extras, so there was really no reason not to include those types of things with Hydron.
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              don't forget that those idiots made him 2 different shades of blue because they didn't realize that the color faded on the original figure.


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                Hydron is awesome, and here is proof -

                HAIL HYDRON!!!
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