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MOTUC - 2014 and 2015 updates

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  • MOTUC - 2014 and 2015 updates

    2014 Update:

    2015 update:

    Good god. Where to even begin?

    So that whole Spinerella dress is painted? BS.

    So Gwildor deserves better treatment than the rest of the line because he's such an important figure? BS.

    People actually care about multiple Cosmic Keys? BS.

    So that's not the final version of Gwildor simply because it has a bobble head? BS.
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    Here's what I said regarding this new video:

    I'm going to call the reason for Spinerella's higher price point a big LIE.

    I'm willing to bet that those fringes have been molded in purple soft plastic and only the blue ones have been painted over. Yet the guy keeps saying that they had to paint all of them...

    I'll gladly correct myself if what I'm saying ends up not being true, but after looking at pictures for this figure I'm practically certain that it is.

    Just look at this picture:

    You can see how the bracelet fringes are molded in purple and the blue ones are painted over. The reverse situation happens on the skirt, where the purple ones are painted over.
    Scum Neitlich... always the same old crap.
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    • teemu81
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      Have to say with this picture...I AGREE!....someone post this picture over at the Org and watch the apologists flock!!

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    Hey you scumbag Lie-Or:


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      As for Gwildor, I wish they had gone the extra mile with FAILmation Hordak...
      “Freedom of speech doesn't protect speech that you like, freedom of speech protects speech that you hate." ― Ron Jeremy


      • Shawn
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        Gwildor is a single figure. Technically, FAILmation Hordak is a 2-pack so...

      • barrasco
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        I'd call it a 2-crap, seeing how that Imp figure is a complete piece of garbage.

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      2015 update:


      • Mechanizor
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        Is it just me or:
        - Does Ninjor actually have a puffed up (Rubenized) armor?... I thought they've resolved this issue after Ruben left the line!
        - 200X King Hssss has a loose (untight) peg hole?
        Also, why in hell Huntara comes with Oo-Lar's axe other than forcing people to spend more money, and why Lizard-Man doesn't have an articulated tail?

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      If people just called him out on his lies and discrepancies, he would either make better videos or stop making them. But, you can't even call them LIES on that other site - OR on Mattycollector.

      This would make him work harder to get his facts straight, or at least word his lies better. I bet he preps no longer than 20 minutes for each video. If we were able to try to keep him honest (good luck) he would have to prep for at least a couple work days - this would be better for everyone.
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      Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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        No new reviews? Usually we get a couple of figures revealed during NYCC, don't we?
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          Glad they worked hard to make sure 200x King Kiss' shoulders were on right. Too bad they didn't do the same for NA Skeletor
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            Originally posted by Battle Ram Man View Post
            Glad they worked hard to make sure 200x King Kiss' shoulders were on right. Too bad they didn't do the same for NA Skeletor
            It's funny to me that they have to "work hard" to get right what 99.9% of other companies manage to get right the first time with half the budget and their eyes closed.
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            • Battle Ram Man
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              Matty has been putting out sloppy work from the very beginning. There has never been any meaningful QC, for some reason

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            The reason being is that Mattel cost reduces by training chimpanzees with this work place instructional video.
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              Picture from Mattycollector Facebook page a few minutes ago.


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                Cool! Can't wait to see what the figure is going to look like.
                200x? Filmation? combo of both?

                Personally I'm hoping for 200X, but I've got faith the 4H could do something cool with artichoke head too.... at least Reuben's not there to royally **** it up.
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