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New Adventures of He-Man: Galactic Protector She-Ra

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  • New Adventures of He-Man: Galactic Protector She-Ra

    This guy seems to have gotten the figure early.

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    I really like the design, it's amazing.


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      I really like this figure too. The 4H did a great job on her.
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        another useless variant. instead of giving us a true toy version of she-ra or a new failmation girl or starburst she-ra, we get a variant nobody asked for.


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          Originally posted by PhantomZodak View Post
          another useless variant. instead of giving us a true toy version of she-ra or a new failmation girl or starburst she-ra, we get a variant nobody asked for.
          Oh, I'm sure Scott Neitlich asked for it. Whether he's a nobody or not that's a different question though.
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            Her Valkyrie-esque design is certainly awesome, and I "might" get her eventually.


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              I like her. So there Barnster! lol.
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                Damn, I've been wondering where the Pixel Dan and Fwoosh reviews of this figure were--and lo and behold, here's a review that's already half a month old! Guess I've been looking in all the wrong places...

                She looks great. Maybe I'm the exception, but this figure has been my most anticipated for a long time now. Glad to see that skirt/armor doesn't hinder the legs too much, and looks like the head has good articulation. Mattel/4HM seem to have gotten much better recently about making long hair less restrictive to good head movement (Sweet Bee and Flutterina notwithstanding...)

                I've been kind of underwhelmed by a lot of the figures lately, once in hand. I hope this She-Ra can boost my excitement again.


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                  okay... I really like this figure, it's awsome in design and it shows that you don't need a vintage character to make a great figure. BUT I hate the fact that we won't be getting more NA figures (except Mara) until the end of 2015... and MAN, has this guy dirty fingernails....


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                    Well doesn't interest me at all,the whole NA line has been a disaster and i don't think She-ra will be any different......nice to see they kept it in line with every other figure....loose ankle...non removable helmet and between the hair and neck collar i think head movement is gonna be more difficult than the video makes it seem.


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                      Of all of the "new" character designs for MOTUC, I would say that NA She-Ra is one of the best.
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                        Wasn't expected (until after I saw the latest mini comic) but then why not? I can't see why we can't further She-Ra's story (depending on who tells it) to another level as He-man has gone. I mean the original toy line continued He-Man yet left She-Ra behind, so I thought it was kind of cool to have a NEW She-Ra continue on. and it would make story sense to the Ancient Eternia lore of the Twins of Power would be needed to defeat the great Big Bad (though it seems it strayed once again a bit.

                        But I have no problem with the figure unless it really prevented us from getting any VINTAGE POP figure from getting made. I know it may have taken away from that mini sub introducing a Filmation or other media character, but I' sure no matter what they are always hopeful that this line can carry one a little longer to use those figures as bait for us all.

                        Now for many who would contend what about Starburst She-Ra, I present this (although I do not work for Mattel or know what there plans are): what's to say that someone capable now grabs this story of MOTU Classics, wrangles it in a bit and somewhere down the line at the return of the Twins of Power even after Adora is restored from being Despara (as this canon has her only becoming her now) reverts her back to She-Ra and Starburst becomes an ability of hers due to her journey to the stars and we then get the figure? I know it would require us to continuing purchasing this product, so it's a two fold choice some have to make and decide. But that's the best way I would present this to ANYONE who is working for this brand now.


                        • Shawn
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                          Starburst She-Ra as Despara baptized or exorcised of evil? Interesting.

                          I really like the Crystal Horses Moon Dancer and Sun Beam as well the NA concept Karati fan named Crystroll. I don't recall the POP mini comics as well as I do MOTU, but I think that's how She-Ra got her Star Burst powers originally, from Crystal World. This and the space, NA theme can bring all that together and make the Star Sisters stick out a little less.

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                        Having people tag along with He-man and Skeletor's New Adventures, and removing it from the distant future was NOT the way in which to bridge NA and MOTU, it took away one of the strengths of NA. That He-Man is homesick. I loved the epsidoe in which Teela visted him in the future. If NA continued, that is the way to go about bridging them, by adding to the story, not taking away from it!

                        I'm down to use this as a post He-Man and Skeletor "Eternia Battle Armor SHe-Ra" with the NA styled aser bits removed. In my mind, The Horde is defeated around 1988 and the Snake-men in prison. "MOTU" ends. He-man and Skeletor leave Eternia for the future. King Randor goes missing in 1989 and Marlena and Gwildor go looking for him. It makes sense the "princess of power" would become Eternia's warrior queen fighting a rebellion against a Lord Duncan who isn't in his right mind...(somewhat of a combination of MYP's snake Man-At-Arms and Jack Olesker's NA season 2 wishes with that last part) I think it could be interesting for people to join He-Man in the future in time. Eternia is in crisis, and explodes! Some of the masters join He-Man & Skeletor in the future getting NA upgrades just like they did. It should be a Days of Future's Past type thing that gets undone with only He-man, She-Ra & Skeletor remembering it. Perhaps Kayo

                        but then that's just one idea. I don't like to cement mine in some grand personal canon since my views are always in flux. I wouldn't have included "NA She-Ra" in that version of this, or Eternia exploding until I saw the 4HM & Nates's awesome design and herd about the 1988 Son of pitch.
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                        • Crespo
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                          Yes! A million times yes! The idea of He-Man, She-Ra "and some Heroic Warriors" going to Primus defeats the whole "fish out of Water" situation of He-Man being alone in an alien world far away (both in time and space) from his friends and family because of his duty as protector.It's a shame that the "Bio team" didn't understand that aspect of NA.

                          In my fan Continuity Only Adam leaves Eternia, while Adora stays as protector of Eternia. I'll figure out a reason for the change in Armors. Thinking something involving 200X's Technomancer, Sortech.

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                          But I think a few who actually could serve a purpose rather than simply be a bridge could be reasonably explained and used. I mean let's take Roboto who would continue evolve his modifications / builds into something more. Man-E-Faces could help explore these uncharted planets along and with his ability adapt to the new different environments where the Galactic Protectors explore. I mean some of the characters according to the new "Scannon" did come from other planets so it would seem logical those characters would go out and assist He-man and possibly try to reconnect to their origins. Some may even stay on their home worlds or on other planets and that could be the last we see of them in the story (which by doing this can stretch it out longer than it actually was series wise)... It wouldn't ignore the NA characters but possible help introduce and add to the group in order to battle not only the Space Mutants but this larger Galactic Horde Empire which as we see She-Ra will become Despara for some time. Adam would still be homesick as core allies perished during the 2UBG or simply remained behind to defend Eternia; but it could allow some other ties become a little stronger than they were on Eternia. I think not one Master even trying to volunteer would really put a dent in the apparent loyalty they all have to He-Man, especially when two strangers come to Eternia make a proclamation and expect he to just jump into a ship and take off alone, they would feel obligated to go as well. BUT here I got a solution; maybe Adam tells them that it would serve Eternia better is the planet has ALL her protectors remain while he and She-Ra journey off to go after Skeletor and that can be the way it's just them and them alone. I think this can go wither way it;s the presentation of how it;s done that I feel that can satisfy all.

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