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Your ideal MOTUC 2016 list (or your "what if" list)

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  • Your ideal MOTUC 2016 list (or your "what if" list)

    Yes its time for a 2016 list, or another "What If" list of characters (call it whatever you want) that could have or should have been, if the esteemed No Longer Works At Mattel didn't have his __________ in his __________ , or didn't have the taste of an 8 year old.

    1. Shadow Wing- I wanted Shadow Wing. I think everyone that bought Granamyr wanted Shadow Wing, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it was just kidding myself when I tought the next item coming from this line (that would be the size of a small child) would have been this great dragon, and the most memorable nemesis of Granamyr A fan loved, respectable character with a great existing parts re-use... but no... we got Seth and No Longer Works At Mattel's love child. Im just a ltitle saddened by his absence in my collection, but I'll get over it.

    2. Saurod - Where is my Saurod!?

    3. Dylamug- A fan demanded favorite, and something that the 4H could have delievered in all his creepy robotic glory. I guess they were too busy face matching No Longer Works At Mattel 's head with Baby Skeletor's ass so the likeness was exact.

    4.Vultak- Fan demanded for years. Have the wings to make him. Probably wont' see him, and thats a sad thing.

    5. Lord Masque- Cool enough, and would have looked great next to Shokoti.

    6. Ice Hacker- The buck was there to use, and for me, the VHS cover that featured the Ice Hacker was an iconic MOTU image. Sure they looked a little different in the mini-comics, but I would have taken either. I was really waiting on the Ice Hacker, but No Longer Works At Mattel had the four eyes, but not the foresight. An Ice Hacker, Ice Troll 2 pack would have been amazing.

    7.Kathos- I feel as though this tubby spell caster would have been a fan pleaser. With several Filmation appearances, I feel the 4H could have made him look great, and packed him with some little Filmation inspired accessories. Mind you, as he is just a fat guy in a turban, maybe he would have suffered the mixed reception of Nepthu...

    8. Granita- Those POP fans need some representation right? To my recollection the Rock men 2 pack sold out, so wouldn't it make sense to complete the trio? No Longer Works At Mattel's eyes were glazed over by the stars in the presence of Stan Lee to remember there was one loved Rock Lady leftover. No need for a sparkled half naked old Jewish guy in MOTUC, but we got it. I love Stan Lee, but he's been getting my money since 1991. Granita's hair would have looked really cool infused with sparkles. Guess she'll never come to be.

    9. Calix - I don't even want Calix, but I figured he has enough people crying for him on to at least have this somewhat cool looking Horde Golem. Sometimes I respect the opinions of those who cry. I would have even purchased a Calix, just to trade for someone I wanted and 'ensure the future' of the line, had I been given the opporunity, but such was not in No Longer Works At Mattel's plan

    10. Terror Claws Skeletor- The one variant I would have paid DOS for. Still no sign of him.
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    In no particular order

    Sundar - sure, he's a repaint, but we need She-Ra's lover in the line
    Yellow Tug-of-War guy - I want him canonised as a MotUC
    Granita - we all know she's awesome. And her buck could be used for a redesigned Jewelstar and a few other female Rock people. Yes, there are a few more.
    Queen Andreenos - an important member of the Eternian council
    Odipus & Paleezeean elder - I want them
    Kulatak Elder - an ice version of Beastman - I want him
    Hawk - a female Avion. Needs a second human head too
    Horde Tung Lashor - he's a totally different figure based on looks
    Butthead - not Bevis though
    Sagitarr - Who wouldn't love a centaur?

    Only 10?

    I also want Enchantress, Hunga, Blast, Scurvy, Horde Mummy, Montorok and Dree-Elle, Kex Queen, Spacesuit Biff Beastman and T.E. Klops, Matt Mason from Project Photog, Dakon and Mara, Darius. OK, I'll stop there
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      I forgot about the Kex Queen. She was probably one of the single coolest females from the mini comics. But "Yellow Tug of War" guy? Come on.

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      I like the yellow rig of war guy. We need more commoners in this line

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    Also in no particular order:

    1. 200X King Miro (a complete royal family is what I want)
    2. 200X Battle Armor Marlena and Randor 2-pack
    3. Calix
    4. Ceratus
    5. Horde Wraith
    6. Horde Mummy (concept figure)
    7. Lodar
    8. Lord Masque
    9. Prahvus
    10. Zeelar (Zodak's brother)
    11. Hawk
    12. Vultak
    13. Stridor
    14. Nightstalker
    15. Roton
    16. Granita
    17. Colossor
    18. Dragoon
    19. Black Wizard
    20. Fang-Gor

    There is more that I want, but these are the first which came to my mind, so I guess these are the most important to me.


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      Dragoon was pretty cool too. Mattel already had the Drageo-Man wings to make him happen. He would have been pretty cool.

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      I'd have loved to see Dragoon happen at some point. IMO his ideal scale should be somewhere around a Shadow Beast.

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    The figures I really want before MOTUC dies off:

    1. Prahvus
    2. Lodar
    3. 200X Sorceress
    4. 200X King Randor

    Stuff I'd definitely buy if produced by 2016 & beyond:

    -Lord Masque
    -Filmation Clawful
    -Horde Mummy
    -Red Beast
    -Tony Guerrero He-man
    -Masks of Power demons
    -mini comics Trap Jaw
    -mini comics Stratos
    -Slime Pit
    -Slime Pit He-man
    -200X King Miro
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      Now Scott's gone I would love to get a 0.2 he-man , imagine the ultimate he-man figure interchangeable hands ( vintage left open hand, fists, sword aloft, etc,..) a new more densely muscled, vasculor buck ( just to make him a bit more buff than the others) metallic paint job on the armour, bracers, weapons, etc,. BOOM make it happen new guy at Mattel


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        Masks of Power Demons Two Pack
        Alcala Skeletor
        Kex Queen
        Red Beastman
        Obelisk Monsters Two Pack
        Lord Masque
        Horde Mummy
        Black Wizard

        Big items:
        Night Stalker
        Point Dread/Talon Fighter
        Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.


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          Kex Queen! And I agree with Point Dread/Talon Fighter too

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          Completely forgot about the Masks of Power demons. Thanks for the reminder.

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        Originally posted by Sky Runner View Post

        2. Saurod - Where is my Saurod!?
        He's coming in 2015.
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          The figures I'd like to see in 2016. Assuming we get 12 monthly figures, 1 Sub Exclusive, 4 Quarterly items and a SDCC item. Here's my wants:
          12 Monthlies (no particular order:
          -Kayo/Tatarus: He is the Final KEY Player of NA, with appearances in the NA Mini Comics, In the INTRO of the Cartoon... Hell! Even Emiliano used him in his Homecoming Fan Comic! Not to mention that he COULD BE made with some creative part reuse (beneficial for the beancounters, because Part Reuse = Good! to them)
          -Crita: Since Mara is the "Teela" of NA, then we need the "Evil Lyn" of NA. (Toss in Grrr as a little accessory, like Screech with EL)
          -General Tataran: A Filmation villain who has a few appearances in the show.
          -General Sunder An easy figure to make, but a fan-favorite for PoP fans.
          -Songster: The Power Tour needs some representation in the line
          -Lodar: Better Mini Comic Villain than Geldor. He at least FIGHTS He-Man. He could come with a Blue Oo-Larr head for a Vintage Toy Faker.
          -King Miro (200X look) We kinda need him to complete the Royal Family. The 200X Look was chosen because that's how he appears on the Mini Comic.
          -Hawke: (any version)
          -Castle Grayskull Space Suit: (He may have been called "jetpack" in the mini comic, but I want an articulated suit. (Those who have the MOTUC Grayskull can replace the hollow statue with this.)
          -Despara: (She may be kind of a variant, but we could kinda argue she's a different character if we keep the Short Haired Adora head as the "Secret" accessory.)
          -Prince Dakon: We have Geldor, so Prince Dakon makes sense to have.
          -Etherian Rebel Josh: The dude is super easy to make for Mattel and is some Mini Comic PoP Representation (not to mention that he adds some needed male presence on the Rebellion) He could come with some repainted weapons or something.

          Subscription Exclusive: Illumina (assuming Mattel and Emiliano can solve their differences, now that TG is out of the picture) The rumors say that Geldor was not the winner, but Illumina and Mattel discovered the rights to her weren't in Mattel's hands and the voting ended earlier than it had to declare Geldor the winner.

          Now if Illumina stays unavailable (legal quagmire of rights issues) then a GITD Non-Translucent Goddess with enough stuff to make her different than a Teela Repaint.

          Quarterly items:
          -Sagitar/Tharkus: Four Armed Centaur Dude... Nuff Said! (Could reuse some Ram Man pieces) Also, NA He-Man could Ride Vintage Sagitar!!
          -House of Shokoti set: Masque vs Melaktha. I know some people find Melaktha dull and boring, but he was a Key Player in House of Shokoti. He and Masque would complement each other well. (since both of these guys require VERY LITTLE new tooling, which compensates the Sagitar slot needing lots of new tooling.)
          -Kothos: His girth would put him in a Large Scale item slot, plus he had two appearances on Filmation and the Witch and the Warrior is a fan-favorite Episode. Toss in a barely articulated Monteeg.(Head and arms) as an extra incentive for fans. (I loathe Monteeg and his weird drinking stuff with his fingers thing BTW)
          -Starburst She-Ra vs Savage Catra: Catra is basically new forearms, skirt and boots while She-Ra is a new Cape, Skirt and Bodice. Toss the Shower Power Gun for Catra and for She-Ra the Starburst sword and the Original Vintage Toy sword as a nod to PoP fans.

          SDCC: Filmation He-Man vs Skeletor Set. To many, the Filmation look is the Definitive look of He-Man and Skeletor. Also, it's a way to have the Main Two Characters in their most Recognizable form on SDCC. Again, this would be a "cheap set" to make for Mattel, due to the very little new pieces needed. (New forearms for He-Man to reuse the NA Hands), New Harness Back clip with the Scabbard, New Head for He-Man. We have the "Filmation Powersword" so Mattel could do that one in Vac Metal.(toss as a secret accessory a Vac Metal Sword of Protection for She-Ra) They could also toss in Webstor's Grappling Hook in white with a white rope for Filmation He-Man's other accessory. Skeletor is even Cheaper to make since all he needs is a new head, Oo-Larr's forearms, Geldor's Loincloth and Keldor Boots. For accessories a Filmation Havoc Staff and Relay as a secret Filmation Accessory

          Holiday Surprise: Roton. Evil Warriors need a Ride
          I ♥ Glimmer!


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            Saurod is coming in 2015

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          It seems that our tastes are quite varied. While personally I would have liked to see a few more votes cast for my suggestions, I can definitely get behind some of your choices.

          I've always felt that the fans (even the ones that I disagree with) have a purified vision of what MOTUC should look like.

          Am I the only one wanting a Shadow Wing before the final nail is in the coffin?


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            On your picks: Terror Claws Skeletor and Saurod are supposed to come on 2015. (They are needed to complete the Original MOTU Roster and we were promised to complete that roster in 2015)

            Fans have multiple likes and dislikes. Once we get rid of the Glue that holds this line together (The characters that had toys in the past) then the different tastes begin to show. Some like more mini comic stuff, others want more 200X, others want less Filmation. In my case I tried to purge my wants to the ones that complete teams or had multiple cartoon appearances. If I went solely for the ones I WANTED and screw everyone else, my list would have characters like Drissi, Master Sebrian, Sortech, Morning Star (Liked him more than Shadow Wing, sorry!), the Twiggets, Star Child. Lt. Andra, Queen Andreeno. Ceratus,"Diplomatic Armor Marlena", (200X)Teen Adam and Teela, the NA Scientists... and maybe the Christmas Special kids as Holiday Item... as well as the ones I chose.

            All of these different tastes makes it harder to make a line-up that can please most people.

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          Like this thread cause everyone has something I want and some that I'm seeing and saying... WHY NOT?

          So allow me to throw my two cents in and base my picks off of the original Classics roll out formula of 12 monthly, 4 variant, 1 (SDCC) and possibly 1 traveling Con... (and with my thoughts on why):

          Jan. - DARE: A new year and a new start for the line (as we have heard) we have pretty much completed the full vintage line (or as close as we could) so one way to start of the 2016 year would be to launch it in the next chapter. Now folks bear with me this is to simply start the line and progression just follow me...

          Feb. - CRITA: What better way to say I love MOTU & NA than a highly demanded female NA figure!!!

          March - CERATUS: The Leader of the Caligars is brought to plastic to help us build up the Royal Council of Eternos!

          Quarterly 1 - TEELA (Capt. of The Royal Guards) Fan demanded Teela comes in a Filmation look with her clone goddess cobra head!

          Sub Exclusive - Now first I would offer a fantasy idea... ILLUMINA!!! (If Mattel would ever consider Emiliano's concept and they could come to an understanding this would be a perfect exclusive figure and possible balance on how much Mattel would offer in terms of compensation of the rights of the character; sorry guys I have to see this on both ends)
          Now reality - GREY: He-Ro's Alter Ego finally joins his Preternia Plastic comrades!

          April - DARUIS: The unmade would be leader of the Galactic Council is HERE!

          May - KITTRINA: Just like spring is upon us, Filmation leaps into the Classics line once again with Kittrina!

          Traveling Con: SCROLLOS: As his name relates the mysterious observer travels across the nation observing all the fandom at select Cons!

          June - LADY SLITHER: slides her way in to heat up the summer of MOTU Classics!

          Quarterly 2 - ROBOTO (200X): - The 2nd Ultimate Battleground version or 'The Son of He-Man' version... You can decide!

          July - COLONEL BLAST: What better way to start off the fireworks than this Evil Horde gun-totting baddie

          SDCC: DESPARA: As it only made sense she's in the comic and would be a proper cross promotion item for both DC & Mattel

          August - BRAINWAVE: The Master of the Medulla makes his mark.

          September - LIZORR: The Snake-Men off-shoot terrorizes the galaxy with the Space Mutants.

          Quarterly 3 - Mini Comic TRAP JAW: Having outlasted many of the Evil Warriors Trappy has survived and survives in the Son of He-Man era but at a cost physically and visually.

          October: THE ENCHANTRESS: It's not trick and yet no treat the Evil Sorceress is here.

          November: LODAR: The Master of Slave City returns

          December: GRANITA: What better way to give the gift everyone has been clamoring for!!! (and with the downsize of the roll out, you can use the holiday gift budget to help finance her to full Rock People capacity)

          Quarterly 4 - STARBURST SHE-RA: what better way to end the year than with possibly a character that can light the way to continuing the line? (And after this listing of possible obscure characters she would shine the way for more potential ones!)

          This would be my rough draft for the 2016 with some truly considered for reuse and some absolute 100% new tooling as well as spreading the MOTU throughout all the factions and media! Sadly I couldn't find a spot for Songstar but maybe if something like this was a reality he could arrive in 2017???


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            The guy in my avatar...from that movie that most people think siuck..but would still be an awesome action figure.

            (More to add to this list at a later time)
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