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Pixel-Dan's MOTUC Mermista figure video review

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  • Pixel-Dan's MOTUC Mermista figure video review


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    Although I'm not into POP in general, she is one of the few fantasy figures I'd like to have in my collection from that faction. Probably some of you won't like her skirt design, I on the other hand will most likely keep her displayed in her mermaid form.


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      Looks great with the mermaid tail, but terrible with the legs thanks to the granny panties.
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        Yeah, those granny panties seem to be the worst offenders yet. Is that Reuben's handiwork, or is Mermista a Brandon designed figure?


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          Nice figure when displayed as a Mermaid, but terrible when displayed with the legs. Why on earth did she come with granny panties? Also very disappointed that Pixel Dan didn't mention the "skirt" in his video. He knows that design will annoy MOTUC collectors, but he didn't even discuss it. If you can't do an honest review that points out everything that you know collectors will want discussed, you are failing your audience.

          Special thanks to Mattel for the review sample.
          Pixel Dan never thanked Mattel in his NEWS postings at the Org until this week with Tung Lashor and Gwildor. Looks like he must be nervous about the gravy train coming to an end now that Toyguru is gone. I like Pixel Dan and most of his reviews, but if a reviewer is going to give glowing reviews to toys that have obvious flaws in order to get more free toys, they should take a moment and re-evaluate what they are doing. The intelligent fans who watch your reviews will see what you are doing, and will be disappointed by your lack of integrity. The audience is more important than the toys you are plugging. Treat them with respect and give them honest reviews, or they will look for them elsewhere.
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            I am surprised he didn't bring up the issue with the granny panties. He was much more critical on the flaws with the Spinerlla figure, so I don't think he is giving all these figures a free pass. Mermista does look great, but more care should have gone into getting that part right. Mattel is charging fans way to much money for a figure to have an issue like that.

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          That diaper makes her look like she did a front dump. Nasty!

          Oh, but in mermaid form she looks great I must admit.
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            Originally posted by Croc-O-Bite! View Post
            Yeah, those granny panties seem to be the worst offenders yet. Is that Reuben's handiwork, or is Mermista a Brandon designed figure?
            That's Reuben's "love letter to the fans" and IIRC, was the LAST figure he had ANYTHING to do with...

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