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2015 Mini's Sub sale begins tommorrow! (of course, no combined shipping??)

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  • 2015 Mini's Sub sale begins tommorrow! (of course, no combined shipping??)

    The Mini's Sub sale begins tommorrow with two options (bi-monthy or shipped in 3 shipments) BUT no mention of the mini's sub combining with your 2015 subscriptions. Just another way for MattyCollector to continue to rip-off the customer by having to pay extra shipping charges...Its a FACT that mattycollector (Digital River) takes a fee for EVERY order they pack and ship..which is why the shipping prices have always been high.

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    Eh, goodluck for those who want to commit...


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      Thanks Mechanaizor. I was gonna pass, but that Snake Mountain looks so good that I decided I might as well commit...
      “Censorship always defeats it own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion." ― Henry Steele Commager


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        I want the figures, I am just not happy about no combined shipping with my 2015 certainly doesn't mention it


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          So typical, DR and their insistence in trying to squeeze every last cent out of shipping & handling charges. One can't help but wonder just how many extra more units of anything off of Matty Collector could have been sold if not for DR cockblocking us from combining shipping..... with the worst offense about to start with BF/CM hourly sales. Total BS that they try to force you to buy discounted items one at a time each hour of the sale.

          But I digress, back to the minis:

          Such a shame these minis couldn't have made it to retail somehow.
          I really wanted to get these figures for my kids, especially if I could have taken them to a store & let them pick out the ones they want.

          It's too bad, I can't for the life of me see how these things can be a success without the kiddies seeing them at retail, never mind them being for sale at this price point (plus shipping).


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            i can't wait for these mini lines to fail spectacularly!! :trapjaw:


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              I'll be passing on these. Just not a fan of the minis. But I hope the sub goes through for those that want them. At least the figure selection is getting more diverse.


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                the sub is only at 40% bwaa! ha! ha! ha!! :hemanrocks:


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                  Are they gonna continue with these now, or the line is basically dead?


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