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Matty released 12/15 sale details today

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  • Matty released 12/15 sale details today

    Early Access 12/11
    • Thursday, 12/11 from 8 a.m. PT to Friday, 12/12 at 8 a.m. PT (subscribers only)
    • Products Available:
    • DCU Damian Wayne,
    • MOTU Giant Beast Man®,
    • MOTU Mini 2-Pack with King He-Man® & Clawful®,
    • Shokoti™,
    • Loo-Kee™ & Kowl™ (available during Early Access only)
    All Access 12/15
    • Monday, 12/15 at 9 a.m. PT (everyone)
    • DCUDamian Wayne*
    • MOTU Giant Beast Man® (Club MOTU™ Giants monthly figure)*
    • MOTU Mini 2-Pack with King He-Man® & Clawful®
    • MOTUC Gwildor™ (Club Eternia® “holiday??? figure)
    • MOTUC Mermista™ (Club Eternia® monthly figure)
    • MOTUC Shokoti™*
    • MOTUC Spinnerella® (Club Etheria™ monthly figure)
    *Subject to Early Access sellout.

    I'm really only interested in buying a Damian Wayne figure.
    Good to know there's another crack at Shokoti too, if interested.

    .....funny how now that the 'great' writer is gone, Matty's news clippings no longer spell it as Shakoti....

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    I read that as "DCU Damian Wayans" and was all "...whuuuuuuh?"

    My only excuse is I've been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition entirely too long and am going to bed.
    Not every beast is tender, especially if there is genius in his making.


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      I'll try and go after Shokoti, since the sub covers everything else that I want.
      I ♥ Glimmer!


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        My wallet is happy that nothing I want is coming out in December. And in fact, there is almost nothing in 2015 that I want. Just Oolar, and I think that's it, unless they do the Talon Fighter/Point Dread or something.
        Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.


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